is a new hashtag we came up with over at where you say something you admire about a group you view as an opponent to a cause you are passionate about. For example if you are a Liberal you would compliment Conservatives, if you are a Conservative you compliment Liberals. Whatever group or groups you feel passionate for whether its politics, activism, religion, whatever it might be.

Use the tag and list something you respect or admire about the opposing side. When you see someone mention a group that refers to you, then return a compliment in a reply.

I will kick it off:

for this week is for the extreme left and extreme right political spectrum (non-moderates). I admire the passion and energy you put into your activism. There are many people who would love to have that sort of passion for anything.

(Some people who helped flush out the idea in the original thread: @arteteco @Surasanji @hashtaggrammar @commandelicious @comphys @QuentinMann @rnitsch @Nyoei @spinflip @hodot @SecondJon )

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@freemo @arteteco @Surasanji @hashtaggrammar @commandelicious @comphys @QuentinMann @rnitsch @Nyoei @spinflip @hodot @SecondJon

Continuation #ReachAcross not to say something good about a "side" but about a person who is not like you in many ways, but who is doing something you agree with.

I dont think that would accomplish the goal here, which is to eliminate the polarization on social media. The hate for whatever side isnt your.

@arteteco @Surasanji @hashtaggrammar @commandelicious @comphys @QuentinMann @rnitsch @Nyoei @spinflip @hodot @SecondJon

@freemo @arteteco @Surasanji @hashtaggrammar @commandelicious @comphys @QuentinMann @rnitsch @spinflip @hodot @SecondJon

I am very deliberately non political on Mastadon because I am extremely political on Twitter. Honestly, I love it here because I can be more myself.

I will say this though about politics, no matter who wins in the end, we all have to live with one another afterwards.

I think people need to remember that and at least try and work towards a dialogue where some working together can be accomplished.

Granted, I sometimes lose patience but I try to practice what I preach as much as possible.

@jonlandrum @freemo @arteteco @Surasanji @hashtaggrammar @commandelicious @comphys @QuentinMann @rnitsch @spinflip @hodot @SecondJon

I love both. Star Destroyers, Borg Cubes? What is not to absolutely love? It's a cinematic feast for the eyes:) (Just keep Lucas away from the editing for heavens sake!)

@freemo I think this goes for all extremist groups, whether it is on the domain of political left/right, vaccinations, gun rights or religion, to name a few: the passion they have for their cause is admirable!

@freemo would you also suggest to add a non judgemental question to invoke a gentle discussion when using the hashtag?

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