To be clear everyone, turns out the internet lied to me. This is in fact an artist's depiction. Sorry, but mastodon doesnt let you edit posts after the fact :(

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@freemo That doesn't look like it can possibly be real! It's beautiful!

@freemo @Nyoei Is it colorized?

If not, wow. Golden clouds and the ring?

Just fantastic. It's like a fantasy.

@freemo this is so spectacular it .. it just can't be real

Not real that's a rendering. The final image is on JPLs site

@Smokinjoe @freemo
Cassini only had telescope imagers not a selfie focal length camera lol

@freemo I'm afraid this is an artist's impression, pretty though it is.

This was Cassini's final view. I processed this version of the image myself.

@freemo @InvaderXan Saturn's favorite video game series is the Sonic series. Saturn's fan-character is a anthropomorphic ring that collects hedgehogs.

@Nyoei @freemo @InvaderXan The dreaded HedgeShark circles before a feeding frenzy.

@InvaderXan @freemo The most realistic one is the one that intrigues me the most.
It provides a more realistic and fearful sense of "cosmic vastness".

@olistik @freemo One thing I love about NASA is that they always publish all of their data immediately on the internet for anyone to see. So with a little knowhow, anyone can process their own images from Cassini โ€“ or from any other NASA space probe.

@choboDOC I found out later it is an artist's depiction. Internet lied to me :(

@freemo I thought so. Clouds on a gas planet seemed pretty illogical

@freemo Doesn't ruin the beauty of the picture any. :)

@freemo we wonโ€™t be able to edit our posts ever?

@freemo It looks legit like something out of a sci-fi film with multi-million dollar CGI. Only better coz its real! Beautiful!

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