I did a little prototyping on a new layout for my game's character info. Not nearly complete (doesnt show most of the stats yet) but thought I'd share anyway. It at least gives an idea as to the direction im heading in on visualizing some of this stuff with just ASCII.

Some general info:

The game is called AetherMud and it is open-source :opensource: and written in Java :java:

You can find the source code here:

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@freemo Wow. That is interesting stuff there. Don't forget to let me know when you want some testing done on it!

@dennis_reichel Authoritarian characters is similar to lawful characters as in they tend to be loyal to the greater authority or country. Individualists being the opposite of that. It can effects spells and items you have access to but that will be rare, the majority of the effect is from how various NPCs treat you, sometimes it will be flat out aggregation other times it may just effect dialogue.

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