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Dr. Freemo,
I am duly impressed with the population of pupils that you've managed to accrue. Who would have thought that Quantum- would have become such a vogue prefix in these times?

Perhaps the lack of interest in the field revolves around my institution's mistake in not taking advantage of such sentiments. We really ought to rename the department; Quantum Mathematical Physics.

This must indeed be the gateway to prestige. Thank you very much for the dissemination of such wonderful notions.

With that being said, welcome, new Quantum Mathematical Physics students!

Kindest regards,
Inst. Kytaea

@LuKthu Sorry P appears to have blocked my personal IP from viewing FSE content. So while I can interact through the website I can not, unfortunately, view any images you share with me withough firing up my vpn

Dr. Freemo,
I'm sorry to hear that and a tad bewildered. I expressly joined this particular instance because the description professed a fixation with free speech. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the situation.

Tor exit nodes do not appear to be blacklisted, for your future reference.

The image was just a short excerpt from, "de Sitter vacua from uplifting D-term in effective supergravities from realistic strings," by AchΓΊcarro et al. You may view the full text on the arXiv ( ).

Hopefully this is mended if an error ( @p )?

Kindest regards,
Inst. Kytaea
@LuKthu @freemo I'm not sure what he's talking about. It probably is a mistake unless he was scraping us, but the more likely explanation is he's making it up.

He tends to make stuff up; since Mastodon proxies images, his "personal IP" doesn't matter: the version of this image that he sees is at , and if he couldn't see it, that would mean that has blocked him, not FSE. It can't be that his server's IP is blocked or you wouldn't see this message.

It is possible that there was a mistake, however. There are a lot of things that get traffic dropped from any given IP address: if they participate in a DDoS (it is extremely unlikely he falsely triggered that, but could have happened during the last big DDoS when I manually intervened) or if they try to brute-force the root password. If that's the actual case, he can wait until it expires or DM the IP he wants removed from the list. I'll un-mute him (I have him personally muted) in the off-chance he's got a legitimate issue and would like to remedy it.

Its actually when i click the image to view the toot on/through the fse domain itself that i cant see it. I can see it through ovh.

@freemo @LuKthu So what you mean is that you *can* see it and you were fabricating an issue and all of that "I GUESS HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT FREEZEY PEACHES" was just nonsense.

Anyway, I suggested a remedy, feel free to pass your IP along. I'll unblock it if it actually was an accident. Or you can just wait until the next time the automated blocks get flushed. (If you still can't see it after a few weeks, it was manual, which is comparatively rare.)


No I couldnt see it because i was viewing the post directly on FSE.. I was loggin in through the terminal (text only) as i didnt have my 2-factor with me to login via the web interface. To view the image i was following the link in the text to the post to try to view it and could not.

Always trying to start trouble I see, you should have left me muted and done me the favor.


@freemo @LuKthu

> Always trying to start trouble I see

What is it you want to accomplish here? I don't want to hear from you, so unless there's something concrete that you need and you'll spell it out, I'd prefer you go do whatever it is you do with your time until the next time you decide to bother me.


I’ll say it again and I’ll say it slowly….


You contacted me

So unless you need something please go carry on somewhere else.


@freemo @LuKthu It's right in this thread, you dumb cracker, quit lyin'. You tagged me, my first post in this thread was eight hours after that, when I replied to @LuKthu. It's stupid, it's not even worth arguing about and anyone can go look at the posts so it's trivial to demonstrate that what you are saying is fiction. I don't know what you're trying to get out of this, I don't care.

Please don't bother me again unless you have some sort of concrete action item. I do not wish to interact with you. You are an unpleasant person. I have had no interactions with you that improved my life. I suspect the feeling is mutual. Go talk to someone that wants to talk to you instead of wasting your time bothering me.


Seems you are correct and I was mistaken on that part. didnt notice the other user added you in before I replied.


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