So I decided to post the article I wrote (linked below) on twitter and am going to dump some money into promoting it there. Gotta get some attention to this. Go boost over on twitter if you'd like.

Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Caves to Nazi's Agenda


@freemo this will eventually hurt Mastodon as whole doc. Not that I agree with Eugen.

@arh I agree, bringing eugen's attentions to the public eye will in fact hurt mastodon as a while. This is why I am hoping he decides to at a minimum engage in a conversation before it spreads too far.

@freemo I am actually sharing your post with some of my friends and asking them to read it and provide insight. You mention a problem that can hurt any instance. This is a vulnerability we should face and fix. Btw very nice read. 👍

@arh Thank you, yes it does... Reach out if you need anything or have questions

@arh @freemo If Mastodon as a project is going to be built on lies, deception, and hate, the reality of those choices will "occur" and reality doesn't much give a damn about our feelings or respect our assumptions of control over it. Reality just "happens."

And hoping to use lies and deception to strangle an instance into quiet death and submission isn't very realistic.

If that hurts the Mastodon project as a whole, so be it. There were other honest, clear, and open paths to take. Those paths were not chosen. So be it.

@freemo He doesn't care about the truth! He prefers fake news and doesn't even bother about listening to both sides of the story, any story! That's why I have him blocked since he erased my one-year-old account at without ever having given me any justification for it. That's kind of Nazi behaviour, I would say, isn't it?
#mastodon #eugene #gargron

@joaopinheiro @freemo If one must engage in the tactics of lies and deceit, if one conspires in the dark policy that should be public, transparent, and clear, if one promotes the spread of hate over love of facts and truth, one has become the monster. That isn't "Anti-Fascist," it's "Sparkling Rainbow Nazi." They can own it.

@dichotomiker @freemo Nazis didn't persecute only jews. They persecuted and killed people that didn't think the way they did. Even people of their own nationality! They didn't care about the truth. Eugene and his staff show the same behaviour when they block people without given them any justification and the chance to defend themselves. I'm not saying he is a Nazi. I'm saying he isn't fair nor honest in the way he deals with others.

@joaopinheiro @freemo I know what you wrote and what you meant. It didn't compare to Nazis in any way.

@dichotomiker @freemo And didn't they help each other promoting their propaganda?

@dichotomiker @freemo As I said, my issue with had nothing to do with Hitler or the Nazis as far as I know. And I know it only because I haven't ever defended Hitler or anything similar! And I was treated with disrespect even after I dedicated my time and effort to translate Mastodon into European Portuguese. But I received no justification, ever! The issue regarding shows the same type of dictatorial response, regardless of the evidence.

@dichotomiker @freemo Were you here when that happened? Can you read and UNDERSTAND Portuguese? Can he? I'm not saying he is a Nazi! BUT His behaviour IS ditatorial! And he is helping and promoting that type of behaviour when he takes certain attitudes like he does. The German people wasn't Nazi but their silence gave the regime their support. That's the point! And, believe me, I know quite a bit about the Nazi regime.

@freemo it's a shame what happened to your community. But i can also see the reasons for Eugens decision. The joinmastodon page should only list servers which are well suited for new users. If the instance is blocked by many other servers, the user is going to have a bad time.

@bitpirate We actually have one of the largest footprints in the fediverse (top 20 last I checked). The instances that block us are largerly saingle user instances. very few large instances block us

@bitpirate Eugene could have discussed this in a private forum but with the decision made public based on public policy, spreading light and clarity in the process. Eugene elected not to do that and resorted to skulldugery instead. There was a point made, it had nothing to do with new users beyond being part of the toolset to punish @freemo. His actions appear pretty clear on the point to be taken from this. If there's another point, he could still bring transparency and clarity to the process used.

@freemo That's quite a read. Thanks for taking the time to dump the details. I knew nothing of this when I recently joined QOTO but I'm glad I accidentally made the choice. I respect what you're trying to do and the effort you have made to keep this a safe place for a variety of communities.

Keep fighting the good fight!

@polygeek Than you I appreciate that.. ITs good to have you as part of the family

@freemo please keep on fighting the good fight. One need not look farther than the events of this past weekend in Colorado Springs to see why.

While he's at it, perhaps Eugen would like to promote an instance for politicians who spread the lies about trans folks grooming children. I hear they're popular in some circles.

@freemo oh oh gotchya, I should have seen that was part of the post. Ty.


Thank you for this write-up. Being around for a while, I head the rumours around QOTO and without knowing the other side of the story, rumours were all I had. Your article clears up a lot and I wish for you and QOTO that your call is being heard.

Before reading, I struggled a bit with the title of the article, but now I get what you were going for of course.



I find the write-up contains (at least) two important points: The history of QOTO (with valuable background info) and Eugen's early and impactful recent reactions.

Since the title lists only one, it might be a bit misleading ("clickbait title", as you put it). Wave you considered splitting it into two articles or use title that captures both aspects? I wonder if that might help the circulation of the article.


@floppy Have you seen/noticed that i changed the title from the original to be more sincere to the situation. I admit the original title was indeed a bit misleading.

@freemo I only ever saw the title that is also written in the post of yours that started this thread. If that is the updated title, then I have seen only that one.

@floppy ahh ok .. yea the title at the link is the correct one.

@freemo Which title it ever is, thanks for doing that write-up! I think it's good that this info is out there.

@floppy Thanks, please try and help me out by bringing some attention to it if your willing... do a top level post (not ajust a reboost) and link the article.. share with anyone you might think will want to hear it. The title in the link still different than the one on the article. I'd consider changing that as well if I were you. The link is "eugen-rochko-ceo-of-mastodon-found-to-support-nazis-agenda", the title of the article is "Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Caves to Nazi's Agenda".


Oh that, yea i cant change that once posted sadly. let me see if i can find a way


@freemo I have problems in reading this essay - that is, the page does not load. Ping goes without any noticeable latency, just when I click the link it reports time connection limit. Trying to read it from Poland.

Anyone else having the same issues?

@szopen try one more time, it was a bit slow for me at first but then was good after a refresh.

@freemo There must be something with my IP - when I tried connection via proxy, I finally loaded the page without problems. WIll read it immedietely!

I am not an active user here, more a lurker than anything - posting way more in my native language under pseudonyme in other server (I remember the discussion you had about moderating content in foreign language, so I don't want to clutter this server's timeline _too much_ with Polish toots). But I really do appreciate your common sense approach to the rules and because of them was one of the first instances I considered before joining Fediverse.

Ultimately, it may be that fediverse will be cut into several bubbles - and if that will happen, I hope my home instance will be in the same bubble as yours.

@szopen actually i fixed it.. the dns was a bit goodfy and your server probably has a cache now.. but i fixed it.

@szopen @freemo works for me, and thanks for the background, which as a new user I hadn't understood before

@szopen @freemo sorry didn’t realize that was the same link he provided…

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