Well the number of trolling hate based instances has just got too overwhelming for to rely entierly on its users to suspend at this point. That said i dont want to force blocks on our user.

I am prioritizing sone sort of opt-out block system where we as admins can do server wide blocks but users can still opt out...

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> I am prioritizing sone sort of opt-out block system where we as admins can do server wide blocks but users can still opt out...

that sounds awesome, so long as admins still have the power to have mandatory blocks as well (nobody wants to deal with cold pizza). Does this system exist within #Mastodon already?


Sadly no.. i have to build it out myself, or find someone I can pay to build it out.

@freemo @realcaseyrollins Is the repo open source? I might putter around in there if I have some free time...

@LouisIngenthron @realcaseyrollins

Yea, ill link ya when i get a chance. Happy to pay for serious contributions

@freemo @peterdrake I believe #Pixelfed is working on this right now. Basically giving users the ability to block entire domains without having to contact the admin.

@darnell @freemo I think we already have that. What we want here is the ability of the admin to block a domain, but let individual users say, "No, I actually want to see that one."


Honestly, and obviously speaking just for myself - I trust your judgement here. If you think a domain is egregious enough to block entirely - go for it. Even if I don't agree, I don't have the health of the entire domain to think about - but you do. I'd rather err on the side of heavy handed moderation than horrible people every damn day of the week.

@Biggles Its a bit more complicated than that. When you block instances it also can cause broken threads that really annoy people because if a "good" domain user replies to a "bad" domain user thread the thread is still broken. For this reason many people prefer not to block at all.


Understood, but my point stands: you are both more invested in this and have a thicker skin than myself; I trust you to weigh the alternatives and do what you believe is right. Anyone who doesn't (myself included) - well, they have lots of other options. I figure if you reach instance-blocking mode, they probably deserve it.


I would change the perspective a bit to say that the goal of all of this is not the platform itself, but the user experience. Fediverse does not exist just for the sake of existing.

And so since the point is the user experience, I as the user am more invested in my own experience than anybody else is. Because I'm me :-)


@freemo the "Limited" or "Silenced" option seems to be the correct tool for the job. It would be nice if a user could opt-in an entire instance instead of single accounts though, but it's better than being flooded with awful content or blocking the instance outright.

@Amikke yea im starting to lean towards silences until I find a better solution.

@freemo you’re the best freemo - stay hard & look to better days ahead πŸš€

@freemo @tonic my.. so other instances can have a direct impact on performance / stability ? or can by any mean trolls from other instances directly pollute qoto ?


I think the real solution is making it easier and easier for the user to block. Make the suspend button nice and big for the user so it won't be so overwhelming.

Instance blocking because of content should be primarily up to the user, not something for the admin to have to deal with.

If it's overwhelming for the user then that's mainly a sign that it's too hard for the user and needs to be made easier.

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