I am still looki g for top notch programmers and data scientists to hire for 100% remote. Hit me up. Open source contributors get top consideration.

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Yes we have reached out to people on or through linkedin. Since we are looking for FOSS developers though we are not really using that as a primary tool for finding them.

@AmpBenzScientist These positions are all contractor positions we are hiring for, contract2 hire

@freemo I just checked up on a friend who works in the same field you are hiring for. I might as well give it a shot too.

@AmpBenzScientist did you see the JDs? If so and you think your interested and a fit let me knw and ill DM you the email.

@freemo I believe that I would fit the Data Science role better due to around 10 years of using computers for the computational side of Mathematics.

I worked in a Research Lab for Comp Sci at a University. Turns out that I could have gotten credit for it but it seems that I was left in the dark on many things. I can't talk about some of the work for various reasons.

I love hardware and learning how it works. Reverse Engineering is a fun field.


Data Scientist is a very senior role for Data Scientist. Keep in mind our Sr. Dev position requires equivelant to jr Data science exp. as is.

That said I will be happy to review your resume and give you better feedback as to what position you will fit and we go from there, happy to consider you for the DS position of course.

Can you send your resume and any introduction to and also to, thanks.I will get back to you within 24 hours.

@freemo I never got an expiration date on the NDA so I guess I only have limited experience. I suppose that would be problematic.

I thought it was a mistake but a small leak indicated that there are many more who won't talk about it because of the consequences both listed and implied.

I thought it was worth a try. I'll just go back to blue collar work. How would you like to serve your country with no rewards, no recognition and an inexplicable gap in one's resume? At least the leak sounds like it was from a contractor.

@freemo I sent the information to a friend who is a better fit for the job. I believe they have a lesser NDA issue but they should be a promising prospective employee.

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