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You'd probably have made a better case then by leading with those examples.

there ya go, now pete is tagged too, easily solved.

Yes you can mute, you can also block. Or you can be a decent human being and say "hey can we not talk about this". Vague tantrums about how you said "bye" is about the least effective way..

You wont be contacted again please be sure to do the same and do not contact me in the future, thanks.

@CaptMurica I have no issue tagging pete as well.

If your biggest complaint is that he seems to think (or state) he has more support from PoC than he really does, well thats not much of an argument.

Just FYI, Sanders spent more money trying to buy a win in the election Than pete and Biden combined Yet Pete still managed to win the Iowa caucus... If there is one thing Sanders is good at its wasting money yet again. I think at this point Pete is the only one of the democratic candidates I might vote for.

@peterdrake Makes sense to me. Are we really going to pretend some kids arent gifted in part due to their genes? We cant deny reality.

@eldaking @freemo Rule number two is you don't talk about harming humans.

Rule number three is, if it's your first night at Robotics Club, you *have to* harm humans.

Now that a group at MIT has proved that โ€œmagic anglesโ€ can produce in carbon sheets, physicists are trying to apply the twistronics approach to other configurations of graphene.

@eldaking I was going to go with "Dont talk about the injuries people sustain at robot club"

Someone needs to do a "three rules of robotics club" that merges fight club rules and Asimov rules.. I cant come up with anything funny though :(


Fourth rule of robotics, all robots must tell the truth!

@timorl I very rarely use "Dr" as a title. In fact the use of it here started as a joke but people came to identify me with it so I kept it, specifically given the STEM nature of QOTO it made sense. My personal policy has always been to keep my degrees private in most situations.

@GinnyMcQueen Hi, what sort of help are you looking for? I noticed you are in europe, if your looking for help finding work or something local (I live here too) I'd be happy to try to help.

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