I ean, its kinda hard to plan plots like that when you dont even know where you are or what your name is.

@emptywheel I'm not sure whats worse, NYT, or the ass-kissing of Biden in this critique of NYT.


No just insanely busy hiring for the new company and non-profit (which is the entity running QOTO in fact).

@trinsec @realcaseyrollins


I can not speak to what mastodon has planned or how it differs. But considering the amount of dev time its reasonable to assume they are doing something bigger than a simple quote feature.


@freemo how hard was it to support quote posts on #QOTO’s version of #Mastodon?

I’m a bit curious since it has taken #Mastodon multiple years to finish working on that feature lol


Initial implementation was less than a week. Quite trivial honestly.

@steve the only thi g well documented is how to install it. The operation is fairly simple though using a few lambdas and firebase to do what little server side stuff needs to be done.

You can host it as a pure static site but it will not have all thr functionality of a full node.

If there is one thing about the movement I can really get behind its the effect its having on super-conservative wait-till-marriage-for-sex couples... How many guys are out there wondering if their wife is trans with just enough doubt to ruin the relationship and put into question if they want to wait at all.

If the only effect of the trans movement is to make ultra-conservatie men and women have more sex, and sex before marriage, I am going to call that a win, maybe they will be more enjoyable to deal with if their getting laid.


If discomfort is growth that certainly explains why I am so fat, I am never comfortable.


Yes those words are clear, the issues is that russia is claiming the agreement was with the last government of Ukraine, which no longer exists as it was dissolved and recreated during their coup detat. Since the agreement is not very explicit that is entierly open to interpretation. Obviously I would disagree with Russia and would fin them in the wrong even if they had no treaty anyway. But by signing a treaty that is so sparse in its wording it does leave things open to reader interpritation.



Thanks, yea that confirms my suspicion, the terms werent laid out in any certain terms and Ukraine is getting screwed over by that as a result... Frankly the whole deal was a horrible move on Ukraine's part, they should have demanded more concrete terms.



No problem, let me know if i can be of any help. What sort of help do you need specifically, maybe i can find someone for you.

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