A logo I think I might use for my new AI non-profit division.... Thoughts?

So image upload works but is slow.... going to look into why now that the queues are mostly caught up.

Not sure if I should cry or laugh.

In all seriousness though the idea that the past was better financially is objectively false. If you are willing to live by older safety standards and quality then you can live as affordably as you could in the past. Most of us dont want to live like we did in the 1920s though.

Love it when these morons intentionally take shit out of context....
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@BlueDot @freemo @wild1145 @BobMastodon @oliphant took me two seconds to see this in the bio, and no, it doesn't matter you are 'not doing it to mo...

Looooolllll people actually say this and arent trying to be funny.
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millennial falcon  
@freemo just read it again. you have something to learn here. I am not doing it for you, you whataboutist fucking cretin.

I feel like I may be the only one who gets this double reference... but LAWL

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