The soup is done!!!

I fo:

Pressure cooking some asian style seafood soup.. has octopus, anchovies, clams and tofu as the proteins, then bok choi, water chestnuts, bamboo, celery, and mushrooms as the veggies, soup base is Bonito stock, sriracha, ginger, lemon juice, lemon oil, and red pepper.

Pics coming soon, its cooking for 15 minutes at 15 PSI then a hard release!

When the constitution was written it didnt have modern vehicles in mind! Ban assault trucks!

Attached a picture of the QOTO swarm’s resources for those who are curious.

Some interesting facts about the cluster for those who are curious:

  • Runs as a docker swarm, so easily scales as needed and services can move between computers in the cluster.
  • Runs on a 7 computer cluster.
  • Utilizes only about 5% at most of its CPU potential
  • CPU has burst capability, so can go well beyond 100% for momentary high loads.
    *Utilizes 33% of the memory (this includes caching). Almost all of the memory is from Gitlab.
  • Requires half a terrabyte of on-disk size, with an additional 2 TB for used currently as shared disks.
  • Supports 12 different services right now: fediverse-bots, discourse, wikijs, funkwhale, gitlab, 5-node load balancer, nextcloud, peertube, piwig, qoto-mastodon groups server, and two different monitoring tools.
  • These 12 services run as 60 different interconnected docker containers spread across the cluster.


Had that last avatar for quite a while, figured I changed it. Then I realize I almost never show my face on QOTO so might as well use an actual picture of me for once.

YAY! The I ordered just came in. Havent used it yet but its basically a usb controlled and powered power supply. Lets you control the voltage and/or current and even has a very simple API so you can control it programatically. Not sure if/when I will have a use for this but it was cheap enough and cool enough I figured I'd snatch one up.


Why do women wear mascara that makes it look like they just woke up and have the flu... in fact, why do women use mascara at all. Then again I kinda find most makeup extremely unattractive so I am probably more bias than most.


Yup, another in a long list of reasons america and myself need to part ways.

I still can't get over the fact that impossible burger is a veggie burger... I seriously cant tell and I know it up front!

For anyone who still has devices with old AA, AAA, C, D, or 9V type batteries in it I highly recommend you move over to the USB chargable Li-ion type of the same format.

Most of those devices dont work with traditional rechargable batteries like NiMH because the voltage is a bit lower. Even if they do work they tend to last only a short period of time because as they discharge the voltage drops even further. So your device will often die even with 70% of charge still in those batteries.

With the newer USB rechargeable Li-ion type batteries of the same form factor, however, you have a drop-in replacement that doesnt have those issues. They basically are a LI-ion battery with a built in charger but more importantly with a DC-Dc converter to keep the voltage fixed at the desired voltage (1.5V or 9V) for the entire life of the battery. So they work in any device that they can fit in and lasts a long time as they deliver 100% of their power before cutting out (at which point it drops from 1.5V directly to about 0V).

The only downside is if your device reports a battery percentage then it will report 100% battery right up until it hits 0.

Anyway I replaced all my devices with batteries like this and they last longer than regular batteries in some cases (especially with 9V)... so I am sold!

Ok maybe there is one or two good people out there... but this doesnt make up for the rest of you shitty humans!

The democrats never seem to learn from their own mistakes... Jesus christ how many financial crisis' do we need to have before they figure it out!

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