Man the democratic primaries are such a shit show. I am so desperate to find someone other than trump to vote for... give me one decent option people. If Greg wins id probably vote for him, though I'm not a big fan, but he probably wont win and if its one of the evil three (warren, biden, bernie) not a chance in hell ill vote DNC....

A little illustration showing my take on einstein's quote. What we know we dont know is simply a small, ever growing line between what we know and what we don't know we know...,

β€œAs our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.” -- Albert Einstein

AoC is basically just the Sarah Palin of the left, what a piece of work.

Looks like the impeachment didnt work out for the democrats after all, it just made Trump more popular than ever...

Any artists want to help out on a very small project for some $$$? If done well there may be future projects in it for you.

I basically need a series of space-themed flat-design style cartoons done that will be used to create scrolling animatioins for a website (I will do the web side just need an artist to do the cartoons). Attached is a stock photo of a rough example of the style I'll be needing it in, though personal artistic license is welcome.

Woot the day is here! Afte over 2 years on the fediverse I finally passed the 10K follower count!




To thank my followers anyone this week anyone who follows my account is welcome to a free beer with me in Utrecht, Netherlands. Just send me a message to arrange it!

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