Please don'tt forget everyone in the UFoI or planning to be.. You have to post on your Terms of Service (rules) somewhere that you are in the UFoI and that the server adheres to its rules.

You are welcome to say this or put it wherever you want as long as it is clear to your users.

Basically make sure you include two things:

1) A reference to the fact that the instance is in the UFoI, with a link to the website:

2) A reference to the fact that it follows the Code of Ethics, preferably with a link to that:

I just added this myself to QOTO, attached is a screenshot of the way I did it.

If anyone wants the html code to copy and paste into their ToS that I used it is here:

Finally if any of you new people in the thread want to use the profiles with verified profile links (the little green check mark next to links in bios) just reach out to me and I can show you how to set it up.

(PS not a hell thread, just taging people this is relevant to)

@ufoi @kravietz @Ryle @gregory @jonnypencils @steve @dump_stack @joaopinheiro @SolSoCoG @evan @greg @selea @jens @t1c @thatonecalculator

So far the United Federation of Isntances consists of 2.5% of the entire ... We havent even officially launched yet! So exciting.


Just a reminder, as I get this a lot, but joining the United Federation of Instances doesnt require **any** time contribution of the part of its admins or instances. Any voting is totally optional to participate. As long as your instance follows our code of ethics you can join, nothing else required other than to federate to other UFoI instance.

DM me if you want to talk more, are are at over 200,000 members and will be open to more over the next week or so before membership will become harder and more formalized.

all intances welcome, from single user to large instances.


If anyone wants to help on the United Federation of Instances website let me know.

I have a first working version done. But welcome any improvements (including to layout) as well as some help filling in some of the documentation.

There is also some room for scripts to help make the whole thing work, we can talk if anyone wants to help there.

Anyone, anyone interested in helping let me know. I will send a link to the current website in private at request, I just dont want to share it with the world until its more complete.


There are 2 ways to sign up to the United Federation of Instances, for those wondering.

We have over 200,000 members but looking for more before launch.

One, and the most important, is as an instance admin bringing your instance onto the UFoI. For this you dont need to do anything other than ensure you follow our basic code of conduct. See the proposal/by laws for that:

Other than that you dont have to do anything to be a member, and you can be a one person instance or a large instance. You do need to promise to federate with other instances in the UFoI. Also you can leave at any time, no questions asked, so not much obligation.

The other is as an individual.. for that just let me know and ill give you access to everything and add you to the list of contributors. In this case you arent under any obligation either, you can join in on conversationsn, suggest edits, or just lurk. Up to you. Message me if you want to be a contributor and ill add you and check out the repo here:

Any questions first feel free to ask me.

For more information on ways to connect see this post:


United Federation of Instances now has hundreds of thousands of users! We had a few more join last night.

DM me if you want to join, be a founding member. Joining will be a much harder process once we launch in about a week.


Reminder: If anyone from any instance, large or small, wants to be added as a founding member of the United Federation of Instances please send me a private message. Happy to add anyone who adheres to the code of ethics.

You can always leave any time.

We have close to 200,000 members right now.


United Federation of Instances hasnt even launched yet and already has 200K members,

if you want to join please DM me (not going public with the list until launch), any insttance any size are welcome.

I will announce the launch in the next few days by the look of things.


Holy hell, I only opened up applications for member sof the UFoI and we already have over 200,000 members total in the application list (the sum of all users across all instances applying).... amazing!


πŸŽ“ Dr. Freemo :jpf: πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  
I am now compiling a list of all servers who may have an interest in joining the United Federation of Instances. Quite a few instances have already...

I am now compiling a list of all servers who may have an interest in joining the United Federation of Instances.

Quite a few instances have already signed up.

Please reach out to me, all servers of any size are welcome!

This is non binding, its just to get a preliminary list. You can withdrawl at any time and dont have to go through the application process. I just want to know what servers to reach out to once we begin kicking things off.

If you are a server admin please let me know **in DM** if you have an interest and I will add you to the (for now) private list. I want to only release the list once we have enough momentum so please respond in DM only.

for those who are new to this you can read the proposal here:

You can read the early draft of the full bylaws here:

Both of these will still undergo a lot of modification. For information on how to join the conversation see this post:

You can see the progress and conversation specifically at the official repo here:


Proof that the new "fediblock" on the wiki run by Paula intentionally suppresses counter-evidence and proof towards block entries. Despite the fact that I provided tons of proof that show the "evidence" provided for a block against QOTO is false they refuse to updatte the block with the additional evidence and effectively suppresses countner evidence.

This is why there needs to be Due process like im trying to build with the and not just one dictator named paula cherry picking what evidence she thinks is valid and blocking the rest.

Here is a link to the discussion if you want to see it first hand (screen shots included). I highly recommend everyone leave a comment expressing your concerns for visibility:

With all this drama going on its no surprise that I keep thinking of this quote over and over....

(my own )

πŸŽ“ Dr. Freemo :jpf: πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  
No surprise, now these toxic bullies from are trying to have private conversations with me, which I of course indulge, and then quote wha...

No surprise, now these toxic bullies from are trying to have private conversations with me, which I of course indulge, and then quote whatever ammo they can use out of context and dump the rest...

It is amazing these people trust anyone who is so clearly **not** being transparent.


FediThing blocking, genocide mention 

I'm blocked so I cantt correct Rich... but who is going to tell him that he is lieing (or misinformed).

We have clear rules about child porn as is shown below. I was asked but someone about it and at the time we had never had to address it so I mentioned tthe moderators would need to vote to get it added to our rules.. moments later we voted and added it... Naturally the person lied and posted out of context about the vote and never bothered to let people know we updated our rules moments later.

As to his comment about kiwifarms.. lets be clear. I saw a list on a website whose domain name was not associated with kiwifarms as far as I knew.. it just so happened that list was generated using a tool that happened to be written by kiwifarms... obviously I didnt know this.

This shit is getting absurd...

Rich Felker  
LRT etc. The admin of QOTO uses kiwifarms tools and says whether he'd block instances with CSAM would have to be decided "democratically". Everyone...

Funny how @Gargron was so concerned about popular opinion and "optics" when he delisted us... Now the thread on reddit discussing this is already more popular than any other thread this month and will likely hit an all time high.

Shame about the bad optics...

I am trying to rotisserie some red meat on the grill for the first time. That white thing behind the meat is a gas burner plus there are for gas burners underneath.... what i dont know is how to do it.. do i turn on all burners, side and bottom? Do i use high heat or low? Do i close the lid or leave it open?

My guess is all burners on, highest heat, lid closed.

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