The math around pharmakinetics of Ozempic/semiglutide (and many drugs in fact) is fun from a mathematics standpoint and not too hard to understand.

Basically it has a 7 day half life, so they dose it every 7 days. So each week the amount in your blood right after an injection is : 1, 1.5,1.75.... approaching 2. Which means after about a month you reach max dose and it naturally levels off. The curve is basically logarithmic if you did the math though.

Its a nice little intro to finite infinite series, a fun topic IMO.

Does anyone off hand know what the S stands for WRT the description logic family (The one that is equivalent to ALC with transitivity).

Please this to help others, thanks!

I offer free tutoring in most college level courses. Can be online, just random questions, video chat, or even in person.

If anyone needs help learning any STEM topic (even you arent in school), please reach out to me I am always happy to help. If I dont know the subject I can also maybe connect you with someone who does, but I am well versed on most of the basics like , and design.

There is a film crew in the office here filming us so I decided to put an Easter egg equation on the wall to see who watching it will catch the reference.

"Math is never just numbers, when words fail us we use math to describe the inexpressible, the things that terrify us most: the vastness of space, the shape of time, the weight and worth of a human soul." - Foundations


"Math is never just numbers, in the wrong hands it is a weapon, in the right hands it is deliverance" -- Foundations


Person: If I start at 0 and count up in infinitesimal increments to the number one how many numbers must I count?

Wiseman: infinite

Person: and if i start at 0 and count up in infinitesimal increments an infinite number of times what number will I arrive at?

Wiseman: all of them


You know you are a nerd when you by a textbook for over a hundred dollars and at twice the price just to get it new and then cant sleep the night before because your excited to get it....


Found this in my notes from a while back. Shows how to calculate the values for a balun to match a transmission line to an antenna.


Sometimes when im bored ill just doodle out little math proofs to make sure i remember the solutions. I admit, i am a nerd.

Excuse the poor handwriting, I was just scribbling and not really trying to write nice.


When you hear the word "graph" what do you think of?

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