We need to come up with creative ways so people relate to the problem. And different people relate in different ways.... 

during edits...
Caring is the context here for and other ...

"We need to come up with creative ways so people relate to the problem. And different people relate in different ways...


Some people care about free sharing of knowledge...

Other people relate it to Dictatorship vs. Democracy...

Other people relate to it by being able to fix and repair their own car, heater, fan, object etc...

Other people relate it to by the Centralised and DeCentralised aspect....

Many types...

Jitsi Chat (Audio / Video) now has Breakout rooms !... 

Meet News Reminder:
Jitsi Chat (Audio / Video) now has Breakout rooms !

Test here (or change the end part of link to any chatroom name!)

Zoom had MAJOR advantage in this for ages to allow small group ro branch off and come back.

For those that have done T-Group meetings or anything with 10+ people, a breakout room is for groups to go off and then come back after specific smaller chat circles or just more manageable smaller sharing circles and sharing experience.
Groups can be recalled into main room where host speaks again to everyone before maybe the next round...
Anyway also check out T-Group meetings en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-group_ and happy to say more.

Jitsi Meet + T-Group meetings
= Social Power / Power of Minds / Whatever you want

Compartmentalisation in education, that is the problem... They don't tell you why no action is happening. The political part is missing... 

Quotes during edits... XMPP is the context today:

" Compartmentalisation in education, that is the problem...

...They don't tell you why no action is happening. The political part is missing. "

Noun: compartmentalisation
(in this context = A mild state of dissociation / things into classes of the same type)

Video of Rob Braxman.

Designer of Brax2 De-Googled phones.

I made an edit also before this one + notes. Full video here
(Attached is last 5mins + Notes)


De-googled / Linux phone (not having Android ---> Google's OS)

2FA - Two-Factor Authentication
Google app requires 2FA for everything slowly (YouTube etc)

De-Googled phones don't reveal IMEI to OS as default - V.important

Multiple devices + associations

"People tend to think that other dictatorships are bad but their own dictatorship would be good."

Quotes (during edits)...
XMPP is the context and making a new project with voting powers.

"The problem is the social side NOT the technical side..." 

"...The problem is the social side NOT the technical side..."

Quotes (during edits)...
XMPP is the context: About how we can do things with what little we have vs. BigTech, and why one way is getting the masses onto things like XMPP to then help everything else a bit more, and be more aware to do less damage leaking data everywhere about themselves / everyone else and preserve their rights which they give up to others in the proprietary world.

DE-Google by changing to a more cleaner Linux based OS.

LineageOS is an example operating system FOR YOUR PHONE! It's now really important!

So yes you can change the OS like you would on your desktop, and maybe it's more painless!!

Oh Yes- changing you google OS to some less harmful 24hrs a day!
(less google = less identity tracking and google's syndicating their stuff with BigTech).

LineageOS and others replace the head of the snake.... so tracking is much less the default.

I am new to all this or just forgot all the names / top one's toady.
So I want to hear more Linux Operating System names for mobiles!

Video gives explanation (edited from 13.41mins)
summary / paraphrased

All people are victims when using a Google Android phone
Identifiers all track you and can triangulate position (google knows where each one of it's phones are) by these methods and cross-referencing them:

APPS with privilages (big pain) + IMEI of phone + IP address + MAC address of WIFI / Network adapter + Location (EXIF in pics, GPS data etc) + Browser fingerprints + profile cookies (1 login in for all?) + nearby WIFI + Google ID / AppleID / CAPTCHAS to check you...

A lot of stuff a Linux OS will solve AND some habits it might train you out of.

So for example VPN is good but being logged into accounts or sharing just pings your location, or while watching videos might reveal things or just many things together reveal you
including Cross device tracking (not just 1 device - things connect and pair together things)

MAINLY or good start is de-googling you existing phone because Google Login or Apples AppleID or whatever are the head of snake for identifying you and making things provable (the rest, even if you click is less proovable 100% but they are slowly getting here to be able to do things later using 100% evidence).

2FA needs a google app <--- hence even de-googled phone means you need to install app even if you have a Linux phone.
That is why they push for 2FA so badly.

De-googled phones don't use IMEI or pair things which is the root of many types of attack or tracking.


If I'm wrong please let me know.
If you have a list of your own experience with de-google phone or goo how-to I think others will want to help other do it if not for themself! De-google.

Video attached gives explanation
(edited from 13.41mins)

wait a minute...

Android is the Google's operating system... for mobiles?... 0_0


So that we can occupy your time and eyeballs...
Keep Scrolling Scrollin' Scrollin'

ManiaDrive - Personal favourite and Rare recommendation for a ' game '

(long since out of my vocab but...)


ManiaDrive is a free clone of Trackmania, the great game from Nadéo studio, and is an arcade car game on acrobatic tracks, with a quick and nervous gameplay (tracks almost never exceed one minute), and features a network mode, as the original.


Complex car physics
LAN and Internet mode
Live internet scores (fastest completed tracks)
Track editor
Dedicated server with HTTP interface
Full soundtrack or play your own mp3s!

Can be played on new or old systems... (new games are pure bloat!)... check the picture out at least!

More screenshots and info on website.

Music scene revival.... Calling all people -
shifting this world into dance fuelled work!!....

Enjoy a sample of what is to come!
If you have your own made remixes let me know

" Everything is built under the misconception that OSS is abundant, replaceable, and free. " 

" Everything is built under the misconception that OSS is abundant, replaceable, and free. "

but no mastodon link at the top of site?
...please fix ^-^_/


And to add to that I would say
"...people themselves are also assumed to be abundant, replaceable, and free...
They end up pay each other unevenly while the top of food chain get bigger pay and siphons off %'s going down the pyramid.
Taking slices for doing a bad job and even asking for more..." (slap my face!)

(This is not exactly the same context as 1st quote but suits me in the way the same templates / matrices are setup and re-enforced with the original force / control / land take over / fences put up).

Calling all music lovers,
"Mash up the Dance!"

Who wants to help the revival of the culture? Back in the day and in the now!!

Calling all the people

Comments welcome on Mastodon or... invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=

Keeping good things in common!... Creative Commons (some info / logos to use) ... 

-Some of my thoughts and
-Future slogans:

Creative Commons says upfront what people can do in a more clear manner. (see logos and banners)

Blocking the bad in a legal ways and standards or just clearly said ways can be a good thing,
Like using something against those that attack us, restricting them also. It's not perfect perhaps but does well as a more pre-emptive defence or attacking move for more moral chess (rather than waiting until your creations to get use / stolen / robbed / patented and then complain about it).

It's "nice" to be clear and even make exceptions while not leaving the door always open.

Remember 'legal' is not moral by existence or as a default. it's a more authoritarian thing like rules which can just be top-down orders.

Public people / Peasants / Civilians who didn't create legal law. or know near-0 about it, mistaking use 'moral' with legal. People cn even replace it like it's the same thing like rules+morals=law... butoften not!! Many things "legal" just seem "moral" or seem "legal" it's the same game as before with more hoops and more nested rules inside other rules (like the mummy dolls you open up en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matryosh

Law / Legality DOES NOT NEED be moral or very clearly moral in it's creation. Legality is mostly an own self-made construct of many things for outcomes good for the 'house' / lords / owners etc. It's not conditionally moral, just plays close enough to act like it....
And by default expects you to pay to break back any rules they add. And by adding many rules fast they are getting more what they want unless we can undo them or put them to stricter questioning in creation.

To pay for what is questionably wrong or pay to prove they are 'wrong' is also a casino in which win or lose the lawyers and house get a cut AND know what to block in the future with smaller cases that arise. It's not a static system.

Difficult to block all these things... so Creative Commons licenses (for example CC-BY-NC-SA) allows people to see the bastard tactics ahead of time and BLOCK them using it's license maker...


A few questions on the above page and you know which license code to use.
Creative Commons
Attribution/Credit needs to be given
Non-Commerical usage
Share-alike model (new work created with your content itself also needs to include these restrictions)

As far as I'm aware people also can't upload it somewhere to monetise it on platforms by default.

Overall CC state things more clearly (signposting) and is a good easy-access equivalent to Copyright.

Creative Commons.
Keeping the good in common.

(Doesn't mean you can't do money but YOU pick and choose how and who to do it with - for example making special exceptions is better than leaving it too open and allowing them to take it and then try and fight for reasoning!)

Music encourages me to keep working... literally sings it for me!

All I have to do is 'dance'!

are in the ...

Independent Media - Magus Elgar Animated Episode: "Lizard Cheeks..." 

I don't endorse over-consumption or over-watching (even if it's free and independent) BUT AS AN EXAMPLE if you like short animated clips which are nice clever wholesome fun INSTEAD OF Hollywood then see this... it's child friendly too....
ignore some of the logos at the end - it's a work in progress I guess towards getting eye-balls some other way... which you can help by BOOSTING!

-DRM -free

Corporations I imagine are like converters of energy, regulated by Government - just bucking as much as possible,.. 

They see how much they can get from people / population of peasants before doing anything. This logic is bad according to me.

I imagine them as taking a buckets load of planetary stuff and trying to convert it all into cash. (feel free to draw that!)

Or someone at a pawnshop asking the shop-keeper how much they would get from cashing in Earth itself.
And all this while government moves the chairs of incentives and mentality itself to suit it's next goal or dissatisfactions.

I realise about the paradox of my existence without them etc etc but it's not the right way in many ways so no arguments on whether I should live it's MORE ABOUT the method and way people and Earth are treated!

For those not really happy with above no worries - I'm not encouraging full-serious argument of it either. Just remember it is possible to 'create' things and people based on faulty calculation, arbitrary meaningless values or faulty exchanges... arguably that's more than half of the game of what we're in!

A in the ...
1min short music edit with a message for everyone ('house' has more than one meaning here)

Free Dom / Free Our House

We are what our thoughts have made us... (SHORT MUSIC MESSAGE)... 

What we reimagine and aim for can come to life if we reimagine it often enough so if you keep it mind through all your actions you will get there... and together is even more powerful.
Even to pretend / visualise it is a great thing while awake and just before sleeping.

Not brute forcing it either as the energy is different... usually quite soft...

Lining things up... incrementing...
until the idea almost fruit and ripen itself and people simple arrive on the same plain...

And even if it fails you're even ready the 2nd time!


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