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You know that technology that makes you uncomfortable… it not going away.

“I read this really big book in high school back in the 1980’s.” Today, I can’t get students to read it. There’s something wrong with kids today.

I hate to tell you, but most of your classmates weren’t reading them.

I’ve been reading Asimov’s Guide to Science. I’m convinced human curiosity is our greatest asset.

The whole purpose of math is to get the same answer as everyone else.

Physicians rejected hand washing as it implied if they had, patients would still be alive. The same reasoning motivates teachers to reject new methods.

Can't tell you the last time a banned book or a pronoun killed a child
But I can tell you the last time a gun did

#thinkingcap #Itstheguns #guncontrol

The faculty member who needs help with most anything related to technology just emailed, “see you in the metaverse.”

Yesterday, a colleague said, “neurodivergence should be handled like all disabilities.” That person was immediately called out.

Education is a field in which folks with very different and contradictory opinions work side by side, and they often don’t know they differ.

Shout out to long-time HRP supporter, @RixaMarie, for stopping by our #NAISAC booth, dropping some great reading recommendations, & entering our drawing for a free t-shirt & poster! #restorehumanity

When “is it supported by observation?” replaced “doesn’t this make sense?” you are beginning to understand how it works.

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