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acceleration At about .6g. I consider this to be not as important as the pgv. Earthquake design uses accel which is long and wobbly, thus they design for resonance. The velocity is a big nasty pulse, and more accurately relates to the base shear.

Turkey strong ground motion I’m having a tough time figuring this out, but this is PGV in the basin that dropped. A pulse of 120 cm/s is about as strong as you can get and no structure can stand against it.

Buffalo earthquake Very tiny. It reflects a major fault under Hamilton. It is activated by a seep of lake water.

Aftershocks These aftershocks define the fault zone. There was only one big quake, and the second was an M6. You need more strong ground motion sensors to define the mechanics.

**The two nearly identical earthquakes looks to have a mechanism of first, one side dropping, and then the other.

Turkey Tectonics At the epicentre, we have extension as the Arabian plate pushes in.

Extension earthquake in Turkey You can see very complex tectonics here. This was a shallow extension (basin) earthquake that would have sent out a wide swathe of lower frequency ground motion.

Water-activated earthquakes The earthquakes in Texas, and formerly Oklahoma were acknowledged, even by the powers, to be activated by water injection. If all those lined-up storms dump on California, the hypothesis is that there will be a noticeable increase in earthquakes. The odds of a big one remain the same as always. (just said to cover my sensitive parts). :)

Felt earthquake in Texas due to water injection. They are constantly getting bigger.

Texas earthquake

Just an extension earthquake, but they continue to get bigger and bigger.

Montreal earthquake
Earthquakes are my main love, but nothing has really happened over the last 20 years. I'm more interested in mechanisms and effects on structures. This was a common earthquake for the area.

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