Toronto Mini-drought After endless rain, we get warm, dry, sunny weather. I’m less of a grouch, and in the garden all day. I have my drip hose on all day now. We are planting the early crops of peas and potatoes.

Tomatoes started In Toronto, I’ve started the tomatoes for the lights. After sprouting in a flat, I transfer them to the dollar-store 2 inch cells in a pack. I find they get root-bound, and I can hold them for a while at a perfect state, if the outdoor planting is delayed. If you put in deeper soil, they can go spindly, and never recover, especially if you have to trim them.

New Seeds We just discovered a great hack. Nobody gets photo prints any more, and we have these albums hanging around. We just got in our seeds for the season. I start the tomatoes in March under the lights. I may start the onions earlier, but extreme cold makes things difficult in the garage.

Started the pumps for the microgreens. Put in a bleach tablet for now, to help the lines. They clog up and I use a very narrow and long brush.

Snow is coming and I'm setting up my microgreens. All the wine cases are in the basement. We expect a brutal winter.

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