Air turbulence This would be a great place to inject some physics, but they can’t. The article calls it ‘clear air turbulence’ not ‘Clear air convection’. This was big in the 70’s and now is big again. All due to the ice cycle. Had they stuck to the studies they were doing in the 70’s, we’d have an easy answer now. However, all this was killed when nasa decided to ride the bandwagon of the popular mob-thought. Fasten your seatbelt!

Arctic winds pour over Europe The severity of winter is determined by heating degree-days. Europe had an easy ride earlier when all the cold poured over Siberia and gave California a sog.

Winnipeg no days over freezing in March This is the reality of an ice cycle – the long cold.

Weak tropical plumes The UK is expecting warmth, but these plumes won’t do it. NA is getting a slow drift of Arctic air.

Australian rain not stopped yet You can see the tropical warm air is being driven down by the cold equatorial belt. This meets the southern cold. The result is continuous rain. Under normal circumstances, that tropical air should stay north. I’ll keep looking for it to stop.

Another monster storm hits Toronto And we know what caused it…

Lots of cold to come down We would expect more tropical plumes to have hit the Arctic by now. You can see the cold air fronts coming down.

Heart of Darkness We had endless storms, a consequence of the California storms spilling over. We are supposed to see the Sun tomorrow – Yeah!

Storms hit California You can see the cold air coming down on the plumes. It’s only a storm when the cold and warm collide.

Unusual pumping of warm air into the Arctic The warm air is bouncing from storm to storm. And my favourite site has left the building.

NA in a steady pattern This is a pattern of muck. We get cold blobs from the Arctic meeting the warm plumes from the Gulf. The Arctic cold air mass is breaking up.

Where are we? I just find that when the leftwingers mention a roadmap, then I can ask for charts. Without them getting all hoopy.

10B for battery dead-end. Popular opinion would indicate that this is a great thing.

*AI’s cheap as donut holes** Yeah, I need my own copy, just as we reach a point where nobody reads essays any more.

UN climate report out Where are the charts? They can’t answer the question of where we are, without charts.

Swifties go against Muskies OMG, head for the bomb shelters now! …

Conflict between ‘New Science’ and physics I’m not saying anything. Those who go against ‘New Speak (Science)’ get whacked. However, this is all over the news, and I can’t find a single chart to support it.

The problem with heritage These buildings are all wood, contained by weak brick. Montreal is as bad an earthquake zone as anywhere in the world, and the old city is all on soft soil. The alternative, as with Toronto, is to tear them all down, leave the brick facade, put a lot of steel in, raise the foundations on screw piles, and install sprinklers. Sadly, this does something to the genteel aura of decay.

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