Leaving Once again I am leaving. Thanks everybody!

@freemo Yes, I am wrong. I was having fun channeling the great scientific letters of Newton and Darwin. I had to put my brain on the shelf in the afternoon, in order to sleep, but still was up for a long time.
You are stating that a model is a ‘living thing’ that adjusts with the current facts. I am stating that a model is a hypothesis which remains static, and must be proven right or wrong. Thanks for the debate.

@freemo No, it’s just my freehand of the general UN models. A model is for extrapolation, the UN models are straight lines. I’ve seen another model (trend) going through the peak of 2016, and landing on another peak. Those peaks are El Nino surging forth.

A model is a hypothesis – it works or it doesn’t. It is not a trend line that follows the data after the fact. There is no model that predicts this horrible trend of going down.

Anyway, I honourably contest your graph of actual temperatures. I humbly submit mine for consideration….

@freemo Thank you for showing me yours, now I’ll show mine. The great accuracy was for the run-up to 2016. This plot below is taken from noaa and has to be constructed, like a prompt to MrChat. The red line is the models. Being in Canada, I wish the fantasy to be true, I really, really, do…. In 2016 I went up to the remote cabin in April, and we could stay until November. Now, we’ll have snow in April….bummer.

@freemo Are we talking the world temperature models, or clear convection models?

@freemo I agree. They have been tested by those who did them. My models were always extremely accurate…

Air turbulence This would be a great place to inject some physics, but they can’t. The article calls it ‘clear air turbulence’ not ‘Clear air convection’. This was big in the 70’s and now is big again. All due to the ice cycle. Had they stuck to the studies they were doing in the 70’s, we’d have an easy answer now. However, all this was killed when nasa decided to ride the bandwagon of the popular mob-thought. Fasten your seatbelt!

@WindFmAnalytics I need boilerplate to put on the image description. Maybe too much work for my lazy posterior…

Stores continue to driver everybody away Very heavy snooping, special constables, and packaging that can rip you to pieces. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


@WindFmAnalytics This is a current snapshot. You are the first ever to ask for the Full Monty….

Arctic winds pour over Europe The severity of winter is determined by heating degree-days. Europe had an easy ride earlier when all the cold poured over Siberia and gave California a sog.

@cbh747 Not much damage seen on the dog walk this morning. We had a worse storm a little while ago, which cleaned out a lot. At 120km/hr we have the trees falling down…

Winnipeg no days over freezing in March This is the reality of an ice cycle – the long cold.

Weak tropical plumes The UK is expecting warmth, but these plumes won’t do it. NA is getting a slow drift of Arctic air.

@adamrichard Sorry, I just think they should provide more details. You can't replace coal with mini reactors.

Toronto wind at 80km/hr Wow, the trees are ready to break.

@adamrichard Although there are no details, it looks like a mini nuclear reactor. These are 300 MW, and Ontario is installing one. My general impression is that this is a conxxx influencer job. A big single reactor is about 1000 MW.

You do not need a parachute to skydive.

You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

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