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West Coast storms move away central cold I didn’t realize how violent this weather was. From not seeing it this morning, the California storms are now giving back our mild January weather.

nasa dogma comes back to bite it There was a time when nasa was at a low point. They put up the first satellite to measure ozone, and with no history whatsoever, they said it would all kill us. Yeah, lots of money for them!
Then they put up the last atmospheric physics plane and found a chlorine molecule. Yeah – correlation! Then, on a napkin someone wrote a formula that freon would release a chlorine atom and eat ozone. Yeah, napkin physics!
Now, the whole ozone thing might reduce rocket launches. Yeah – karma! :)
The last atmospheric physics lab in nasa put out a paper that the reaction was physically impossible at -100C. Yeah, burn those witches!

Popular nude beach with no beautiful girls Just people looking for them…

China studying clear-air convection Wouldn’t that be hilarious that they’re doing the necessary physics to look at these cold spells? You won’t see any physics from nasa…

Another Quebec business goes bust Feds only poured $173mil into it. I’m sure they can eventually have extreme tribalism come up with an economy…

NASA to get some intelligence Yeah, properly trained AI will help with the nasa dogma. Garbage in, garbage out.

Canada’s Intellectual I used to like his attacks on ‘over-wokeness’ but now, with his former drug problems, he is showing all the signs of ‘brillantitis’ on the down side. His attack on ‘climate change’ was horribly dumb.
Brilliantitis is the condition of having a serotonin defect. Makes you 10 times more brilliant until age 40 when the brain candle burns out. Then you self-medicate, or get professional help.

California storms Good thing nobody from Callie reads this, but the same conditions for the storms have arrived. A strong wind channel is now going through the Bering Str, and the storms are being pushed down.

Exciting weather This is exciting for me because the physics is going against the regular forecast. NA and Siberia switched brains. We are getting the 50 below stuff. All the charts show this is incredibly strong, yet the forecast has this all blown away tomorrow. I’ll go on faith, since I’m freezing…

Snow front hits like a brick Just finished the dog walk when this hit. I’m not putting out the garbage bins tonight.

Just got in Our for a dog walk, very quiet, then just as we were hitting the driveway, KAPOW - a huge gust of wind, and horizontal snow, giving me a skin treatment.

Who is paying? Pro-chat is now online. We know that freemo-richie-rich will get it, but who else? Won’t be me….

UK gets snow The sea water temps are going down again. Perhaps the Gulf Stream wasn’t staging a comeback performance yet.

California storms again I’ve been waiting for this. One of the benefits of using physics. We are waiting for Arctic blasts to push down the plumes to California. This is now happening. After this series, even the guard will say the drought is over. :) I think this forecast is 80%.
They should also know that this may be the pattern for next year, as well.

North America blob is huge And the winds are behind it. It is supposedly going to break soon, but I can’t see how.

A strange world In the idyllic world of Canada, we have a province which shall not be named. They have done a lot of things that others might call racist, and they are noted for sticking together, provided that is ‘pure wool’ or ‘old stock’. The slightest mention that they are racist yields tremendous ‘methinks they doth protest too much’. That is our world. And they don’t read this, so, … whew. You can live a happy life ignoring them… ps. I never said anything.

First chart shows world temps down This continues on a theme from 2016. We are in a big dive. The physics is showing that our ‘heat engines’ of the ocean tropical belts are turned off. We are all living on residual heat and that is leaving us, like camping in a thin sleeping bag.

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