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Guardian touts the wonky chart

Just to show I don’t make up charts, the guard has gone with the chart that I thought they would never use. Read all about it, it’s absolutely true.

No more drama for a while I’ve got my ‘made up’, cherry-picked NOAA temp charts coming up. World temperatures continue to fall. I have 6 readers in the entire world that are fans of the Scientific Method. I always worry if Somebody Significant goes after me, like Ms. Hayhoe. However, that would boost my readership to uncomfortable levels. Since I’m not making a penny on anything, I prefer almost no readers. I’ll just continue to make quips on other articles. Thank you.

Heating degree days Here’s a chart that gives a good indication of the ‘warmth’ of the weather. We have been getting warmer since we pulled out of the very cold 1800’s. The recent warm cycle gave us a break in the heating bills, and now we are going back to the 1800’s. Or, you could look at the chart anyway you want to.

Arctic ice volume up We can see that there is something funny going on. This also explains the other ocean temp chart.

The oceans are boiling This is the chart that was used earlier to ‘prove’ the oceans are super-hot. Now, the chart has gone ballistic and nobody is using it. The problem with the chart is that the surface area it is using isn’t constant. Area drops off as the oceans freeze. We are very high because the Arctic ice is slower this year to melt back.

Sunny Spring hits Toronto Such a gloomy few months. Should be able to get the peas planted in the garden now. Although the Arctic air is still hanging over us, the Pacific plumes are charging straight in, which gives us dry air. This is our physics-definition of Spring and should wipe out all the cold air.

Cups to cover cities in dust Think of all the extra car washing!

This is a really great summary of almost everything I’ve typed on the subject of LLMs in the last week or three, but the writer was much more concise:

6000 word essay On Mastodon. This will be well-loved by the chat crowd.

Plumes changing in the Pacific It’s still a slashing pattern, but there is penetration in W. Canada. This is what we want for Spring, a straight-west penetration that moves out the cold Arctic air.

muskieboat soon to launch If you look at the history, the most important thing was that it looked like his favourite comic book ship. This illustration confirms the look, but from the side, it looks rather drab.

Wow, in Toronto, I think we’ve had 2-4 inches of rain in this storm. I should have put out a rain bucket.

Tornados again For the 3 people who believe in physics, time to put in basements when you build a house. This will only get worse.

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