I really must give matrix another chance once things are back to normal with pc and internet for me. @kmj has been telling me for years now. I just had a bad first experience long ago I think.
GitHub - toger5/TheBoard: A collaborative Whiteboard powered by the [matrix] protocol and infrastucture.

A collaborative Whiteboard powered by the [matrix] protocol and infrastucture. - GitHub - toger5/TheBoard: A collaborative Whiteboard powered by the [matrix] protocol and infrastucture.


Fork Awesome is a Libre font project which has hundreds of useful icons that anyone can use. You can follow at:

➡️ @forkawesome

The project's website is at forkaweso.me

(As its name suggests, it's a fork of the original Font Awesome project. Unlike Font Awesome, Fork Awesome does not require javascript.)

#ForkAwesome #FontAwesome #Font #Fonts #CSS #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #WebDesign #WebDev #WebDevelopment #Productivity #SelfHosting #Dev

From the apperance, kalang people had a darker skin than the javanese. They also had curly hair.

Why “kalang”? Kalang means border, or “batas” in Indonesian, they were restricted (dibatasi) from kingdom activity (Majapahit kingdom) because their unknown lineage origin so they simply won’t fit the hindu class structure..

They lived in rural areas like in the karst hill, coast or on the edge of the swamp. Because of their environment, they turned into strong people. Then the kingdoms recruited them as temple builders, or a workers that require high physical abilites.

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Just added the Kalang People’s Megalithic Tomb to openstreetmap. There are nine kalang’s megalithic sites in Bojonegoro, and there are several more in other districs in East Java

We are happy to announce a new QOTO service, our brand new matrix server!

Registration is open to everyone.

To either login or register a new account use any compatible Matrix/Riot client (like app.element.io/ ). When doing so you will have to set the home server to “matrix.qoto.org” (it is usually set to matrix.org). However keep in mind once logged in your username will be @user:qoto.org, as the matrix.* prefix is dropped. Similarly any rooms you create will be :qoto.org.

The best part is this service is decentralized and federated so you can join any matrix room on any other server. Even cooler you can join rooms on servers that arent federated at all like IRC or gitter.im. So you really can connect to almost any chat server out there all from one identity and server.

NOTE: We will also be bringing up a client, likely the same client run at app.element.io, for the added security. It wont change anything and you can switch clients once we have that up if you want. You can also download the client and use it as a desktop app.


I’ve heard a few people say in the past “I wish is could move to Mastodon full time, but I can’t because I’d still like to follow person X”

Well you can still follow whomever you like from Twitter, right here on Mastodon with birdsite.slashdev.space by our very own @garritfra 😊

.@Windows 11: "Simple by default. Powerful by choice."
Huh. That sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?
KDE: "Simple by default. Powerful when needed."
A motto @kdecommunity has had for at least ... 7 years?

Shame on you @microsoft.

The 6 points of advice I have given to many people in my life are pretty much what I distilled from baz Luhrman's speech (my last post). This is basically the advice that has stuck with me from that:

1) Do one thing every day that scares you
2) Don't be reckless with other people's hearts; don't put up with people who are reckless with yours
3) Sing every chance you get
4) Never let distance be a barrier, travel!
5) Never expect anyone or anything to financially support you
6) Be critical of advice you receive, but be patient and kind to those who give it.

"Make sure you strech before. Don’t want to pull anything."

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Fluency in math

Fluency in language is relatively easy to measure: you can give a talk, keep up in a coversation and write jarry, more or less gramatically coherent texts. Math is trickier: most people struggle with it, some people seem to be better at it naturally. I have no idea why is that the case, but there is an interesting observation.

Math is language we describe universe with, because words aren’t suited well for this purpose. There are a few major concepts that are tough to describe in plain language, like limits in calculus and tensors in algebra. And math is a weird language, mistakes are punished way more than ever, infact, one wrong symbol renders the entire “text” meaningless. This breeds frustration.

Fluency in math, in a particular parts of it, consists of two things. Firstly, the ability to derive new relations and transform existing ones effortlessly and without mistakes. No, there is no “I know this, I’m just so inattentive” when you skipped a minus sign. Mistakes show gaps in either knowledge or skill, they are a signal for you to get some more practice.

Secondly, the internalization of concepts. It boils down to the Feynman rule: you only understand it if you can explain it. The only way to internalize a concept is to link it to existing knowledge: think of the knowledge as a map, and your competence grows in a tree-like shape all over it, creating nodes and lines. As long as there are enough nodes near something new, you can learn it. If you struggle - roll back and explore the area around, maybe go slightly sideways or practice what you already know.

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