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We have very quickly returned to recent highs in SARS-CoV-2 activity in the Boston area, based on MWRA wastewater data.

#SarsCoV2 #Covid #Massachusetts #Boston

A new review on machine learning for predictive chemistry has recently been published in Chemical Science.

This comprehensive work from Connor Coley, Thijs Stuyver and Zhengkai Tu covers reaction discovery, development and deployment. It is a pretty good read (at least what I've managed so far on breaks!).

((Also I am just a lowly chemist with a background in DFT and QM/MM, ML is often a mystery to me!))

#chemiverse #chemtoots #chemistry

'It’s this kind of libertarianism—the you-do-you ethos of American culture that sees the “public” in public health as anathema, clinging to a medical model of private risk and private cures—that dropped us down to the 40s in global life expectancy rankings before the pandemic, and will land us below the 60s by 2040. “Give me liberty and give me death” is the reigning mantra of America today.'

Really cool work in by Annika Frede, Eduardo Villablanca et al. using a mouse DSS model of intestinal damage

"Although neutrophils and monocytes expanded transiently during the inflammatory process, B cells continued to expand during the recovery phase, becoming the most dominant cell type within the colon LP. Using flow cytometry, single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq), immunofluorescence, and RNAscope, we identified an interferon (IFN)-induced B cell subtype that accumulates in damaged areas of the regenerating colon. B cell depletion (BCD) during the recovery phase enhanced tissue repair and a transcriptomic program associated with the extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling. "

Emerging Genotype IV Japanese Encephalitis Virus Outbreak in New South Wales, Australia #mdpiviruses via @VirusesMDPI

Can not say this enough ⬇️⬇️⬇️

This is an excellent and fascinating animation of the how the 10 most populous cities in the world changed from 1500 to 2018
by @jburnmurdoch

#Raman #spectra of #paracetamol / #acetaminophen made in #rayshader by @tylermorganwall and then put into augmented reality as part of a teaching experiment. The idea was to help students link the experimental data to real life objects.
#ozchem #nzchem #chemistry #augmentedreality #education #rstats #scicomm #science

TIL if you have PCOS fertility INCREASES as you age

RT Yeah so this is how we got surprise baby. It wasn’t until after she came they announced they discovered fertility in pcos increases as you age bc the hormone that blocks your fertility deteriorates and your fertility peaks near 40 or whatever. Would have been nice to know!


My twitter followers are jumping ship. My engagement is dropping rapidly. They changed the algorithm to force feed me right wing accounts. And white supremacy, Islamophobia, & antisemitism on Twitter are being defended as valid points of view.

By contrast this Mastodon community is igniting robust dialogue, respectful disagreement, and offers little comfort to racists and bigots.

This is what Twitter could’ve been, and I’m really hopeful this is what Mastodon continues to be. Thank you all.❤️✊🏽

Warning: Do not use Hive Social ⚠️🐝

We found multiple critical security vulnerabilities in the App, leaking private messages, posts, images and user data like phone numbers, emails and birthdates.

Aretha Franklin was surveilled by the FBI for 40 years.

“Based on the agency’s admissions, Franklin never did anything wrong. … The FBI’s racist surveillance of Black people never stopped.” #detroit #music #newsDET

New at Law Dork: The Respect for Marriage Act isn't perfect, but it is important. Let's talk about it.
Aside from the Heritage Foundation's sad face emoji tweet, there is also criticism of and concerns about the legislation on the left. What are the issues?

As a sighted person, I am amazed at how often the alt text tells me about something I didn't see in the picture itself. #UniversalDesign

Researchers set up a sting operation by sending a new computer in for a "repair" & only disabling the audio driver so there should be no need for repair techs to access personal data.

After the computers were returned, logging was analyzed to see if the techs tried to snoop...& found snooping at least 50% of the time, especially on women's computers.

One of the wildest features of the #CryptoWipeout is that all of these "multi-billion-dollar" firms never bothered with an independent audit, and they all turned out to be lying about their balance sheets.

Amidst this carnage, it's easy to forget that the Big Four #accounting firms are terrible enablers of #fraud, and the fact that they sign off on your books is no guarantee that you're not a giant scam waiting to implode.


For everybody following #BlackMastodon & #BlackFriday,

We still building this young community, gonna take time and a lot of work, but I know there's still people slowly coming this way looking for connections so please Boost AND spread the word so they have an easier time find us. Just tell whoever you can, we out here!

And for people of all complexions that rock with us, we appreciate it, we encourage you to watch and listen and enjoy.

BlackFriday, we own that now!


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