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πŸš€ Synapse 1.37.1 is out and includes important mitigations against for the recent spam attacks across the public Matrix network. Server administrators are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Read more about this release on the Matrix Blog:

@kev @fosstodon @QOTO I retried the [ Move to a different account ] feature and got error message:
[ "'' is the same account you have already moved to" ]

Upon canceling the eixsting redirect & retrying I got a success message [ "Your account is now redirecting to and your followers are being moved over." ]

Thanks it looks like clearing the cache fixed it :)

@mrman You forgot the "Opportunist" who drank all three glasses while everyone was debating it πŸ˜‚

Valve has just released Proton 6.3-5! Many changes, improvements under the hood, since it's a long list check the release notes here: #linux #linuxgaming #proton #steamplay #dlss

@fosstodon Thanks for the info, tried LibreWolf, Firefox Nightly and Epiphany. It looks like Fosstodon isn't detecting the alias as seen in screenshot? Not sure where the bug is I can't imagine it's client-side @QOTO

@fosstodon I can't move my followers and account to my new account @ from my fosstodon control panel even after creating a alias earlier today. Is there something wrong with your system?

@Shamar I would welcome a draft of aliases or new syntax per user language and a new shell. is interesting and the various ctls, eg bluetoothctl.

I am ok keeping legacy around but I think technology needs 10, 15 or 20 year cycles where legacy is containerized, we should be lowering friction & the entry barrier for a usee to become technically competent whenever we can because:

Genius Simplifies. Ignorance Complicates.

Rust utils are also worth a look like fd, bat, exa, tealdeer and others.

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