Moderation complication, nazis 

I hesitate to boost this, because people only reading the headline might misread it as "someone is accusing Eugen of *being* a Nazi, which is either true or a melodramatic Godwinization" or "Mastodon is full of Nazis".


1. Our instance,, came under attack by an actual, swastika-waving Nazi. Mastodon is by no means full of such bad actors, but they do exist. Freemo provides evidence and history of the attack.
2. This bad actor created enough disinformation noise that Eugen chose to delist qoto from joinmastodon to protect the reputation of Mastodon. This was a win for the baddies.
3. Debates over proper moderation and federation policies are complicated and can grow heated.

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(Interesting thing I learned when autocompleting those tags: there are several accounts impersonating Eugen.)

πŸŽ“ Dr. Freemo :jpf: πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  
After hearing some feedback,a nd wanting to be fair in my representation, I have change the title of the article. It is now: Eugen Rochko, CEO of M...
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Moderation complication, nazis 


I think maybe you read the old title.. the new one clearly states he caved to the Nazi and was not a nazi himself.

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Moderation complication, nazis 

@freemo @Gargron @trinsec @khird I saw both, and the new one is certainly better. Even that, though *could* be misread as implying that he had accepted the Nazism itself, rather than that he had ... yielded? ... to the Nazi's attacks on qoto. Of course, anybody might see the word "Nazi" in the headline and stop reading there. I realize communicating the point in one headline is *very* difficult.

Maybe: "Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Yields to Attack on LGBTQ+ Ally Site"

Moderation complication, nazis 

@peterdrake @freemo @Gargron @trinsec @khird It's hardly an attack if they just have rainbow sparkles on their brown shirts to go with their Nazi spread of hate and misinformation... and then get called out for it. They are not "antifa" using fascist tactics against any who takes "diversity" seriously.

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