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In , the mode function tells you something like the type of an object. A computer scientist would expect this to have another name and a statistician would expect this name to do something else.



Well, that didn't take long to go full Handmaid's Tale.

"Thomas ... explicitly called for the court to reconsider its rulings striking down state restrictions on contraceptives, state sodomy bans and state prohibitions on same-sex marriage."

In zsh (the default shell in MacOS), R launches the R programming language console.

r, in contrast, does ... what?

% which r
r: shell built-in command
% man r
No manual entry for r

I can't figure out how to do a web search for this one without getting results for R instead of r.

My research team, not always present in the same room, are using for communication. Normally I don't want *any* notifications, but here I do. If someone tries to get my attention, I don't want to miss it for an hour while working on something else.

No matter how many sluices I open, I can't get notifications to pop up consistently on either my phone or my laptop.

I'm frustrated because my software is *not annoying enough*.

The New Cult Awareness Network, which provides information on cults, is owned and operated by associates of The Church Of Scientology

Original tweet :

Schnauzers Rioting Outside Madison Square Garden Following Westminster Dog Show Defeat

Obi-Wan spoilers 

Wait ... are we meant to believe that two different characters survived lightsaber impalement (presumably incinerating their hearts), without immediate medical attention?

I mean, Darth Maul survived bisection, so

What I need is an book for programmers (people who already know other programming languages).

This blog post is a horrifying start.


Perhaps it is a pleasant symmetry that young children want to hear the same story over and over and very old people want to tell the same story over and over.

(I'm rapidly approaching the second category, but fortunately being a professor gives me a new audience every year. It's sort of like a residency in Vegas.)


For the third time, I've come out of a Disney+ Star Wars series wondering what the point was.

It looks like Google Photos is no longer going to be an option for me.

What’s your weapon of choice for storing your photos? My criteria:

  • Easily back up photos taken on my Android phone (ideally automatically).
  • Make photos easily searchable, preferably using image recognition.
  • Not lock me into a specific ecosystem (like Meta or Apple).
  • Not require paying to rent space.

Google Photos is great on the first two but fails on the last two.

Yes, I do have to click on each one individually.

Yes, the list does scroll back to the top after each click.

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Based on our informal study with a sample size of 2, fireknife dancing and operating a freezer are equally dangerous.

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