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Oregon, referral 

Someone I know is looking to hire a lawyer to help with estate planning (end-of-life stuff, last will and testament, etc.).

They need someone who is admitted to practice in Oregon, USA. They would prefer someone who can do some of the initial "hi are you available?" conversation via email, even though probably a lot of the substantive consultation will be in phone calls.

Please share recommendations, and feel free to boost widely. Thanks.

Look, chevre is a good cheese no doubt, but it’s a bit hyperbolic to call it GOAT cheese…

I'm incredibly honoured to have been recognised as a @ThePSF Fellow! 🎈

Shout out to my fellow Fellows!

@danny_adair Josef Heinen
Nicolas Laurance
Sayan Chowdhury
Soong Chee Gi

If there's someone you would like to thank for their work in the #Python community, please nominate them! A couple of folk I've nominated before have been chosen, it's as easy as:

1. Check the roster:
2. Nominate them! See how:

I am feeling very spoiled by my 3D printer, where I can just take some existing thing I like and make it the size I want it to be.

I keep finding things where I’m like, “This would be perfect if it were 3cm shallower” or something.

I’m kinda tempted to try printing a container in PETG and see how well it holds up to a freezer → microwave → dishwasher cycle.

Paul Ganssle  
This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a small microwavable, reusable container (preferably plastic or otherw...

I’m open options other than rigid containers, but rigid containers seem easiest to clean.

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I have a bunch of 4.5” x 4.5” x 2” rubbermade containers that are about the right size, but if I microwave those they usually develop pits or cloudiness.

I’d love something small and shallow like that, but made of gladware or something.

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This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a good recommendation for a small microwavable, reusable container (preferably plastic or otherwise hard to break)?

I often cook up rice and break it up into ~100g portions, which I freeze and re-heat later. Right now they take up way too much freezer space because I put them in Hillshire Farms containers.

If you wouldn’t eat lab-grown meat at any price point (even free), then I guess answer <1x, or don’t answer.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian but would eat lab-grown meat, then answer >2x, since you wouldn’t accept farmed meat even if it were free.

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At what price point, relative to the cost of farmed meat, would you switch to an otherwise identical cultured alternative (i.e. this was grown from cell culture or some other mechanism that doesn’t involve raising an animal and killing it)?

(To be clear, >2x means “I’d pay at least $10 for cultured steak that would cost $5 if it came from a cow.”)

What's that?

_Forge Your Future with #OpenSource_ is now available as an #audiobook from @pragprog ?

Well, heck! That's spiffy!

If you or someone you know wants to learn more about #FOSS and how to #contribute to open source, this is the book they need.

Check it out!

( #ebook version here:

(boosts would be great, please!)

“For a while now, people have been asking us for a Discord server. Now for those who don’t know, this has nothing to do with being unhappy…”

Speak for yourself…

Thank you GitHub for listening and giving us customizable social links on our profile. Have thrown out the old one still pointing to you know where and now there's a shiny new :mastodon: link in its place 🥳

Thank you @derekprior and team!

You can now add up to four social account links to your GitHub profile which render with a sprinkling of formatting support for our most popular platforms. Yes, the resulting links links will satisfy Mastodon verification requirements when rendered.

To get started, visit your profile and click the "Edit profile" button in the sidebar.

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FedEx picked up my shipment from GNC on January 24th. The “Two Day Shipping” package is now estimated to be delivered… February 3rd.

It’s like FedEx doesn’t even care if I’m swole. 😤

We're hiring a Security Developer in Residence! This a contract role so we can consider remote candidates from anywhere the US can do business with.

Python HTML Sanitizer library Bleach reaches version 6.0 and **end of life**. Why? The underlying html parser library (html5lib) is no longer maintained.

More seriously, I don’t think that really leads to conspiracy thinking, but there certainly are interesting parallels…

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Is it any wonder that so many people believe in conspiracy theories when they grow up with every adult around them (including, apparently, the police) conspiring to make up a person with magic powers, just because they think it’s fun?

If you get so far as to collect a DNA sample, you should get to know the secret,, not have the police send you fake evidence.

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