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git bisect is amazing! How have I never come across this feature before??

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ukpol, voter ID, ERS petition 

@porsupah I don't think the government pays much attention to random petitions, but there is already one up on the official petition site that's getting signatures at a good pace

Just learning about the resurgence of companies pursuing super-sonic commercial flights, which to me just sounds like an absolutely awful idea. The last thing we need is the world’s super rich polluting more, both for climate change and for not ruining the otherwise quiet rural spaces between cities.

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Terminals should have a "scroll up to the last shell prompt" hotkey.

@Defolos @federicomena not sure about other platforms but macOS has pbcopy that writes from stdin to the system clipboard and pbpaste that writes from the system clipboard to stdout

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You know... I wonder how many infrastructure engineers and SREs consider the environmental impact of their infrastructures. I tend to think fairly commonly along those lines and I hadn't until today it suddenly clicked for me that if I'm pissy about NFTs, I should probably also be pissy about the giant mega-clouds I've managed for no purpose other than make text string X link to text string Y in a database.
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“HTML Sanitizer API”

This is a great idea. Hope it gets implemented. Kind of wonder why Chromers have been wasting time on Bluetooth or USB APIs that other browsers won’t implement when low-hanging fruit like this is still unpicked.

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Covid, Bayes' Theorem 

"Maths quiz. If you get a positive result on a Covid test that only gives a false positive one time in every 1,000, what’s the chance that you’ve actually got Covid?"

@aeveltstra Negative interest rates have become increasingly common across Europe — it’s a great time to borrow money but not to save it.

If currencies were divisible by 12, like say if there were 240 pennies in a pound, everybody’s salary would divide perfectly into 12 equal paycheques. #£sd

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Heard about #Gemini, want to try this new way to access information on the Internet but you're not technically inclined and you don't appreciate instructions such as "git clone, and read the file"?

Then read the Gemini Quickstart:

Also on Gemini, of course: gemini://

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Thought: You know, all this Google tracking stuff wouldn't be a problem if people switched to Gemini. :D

#Gemini #web #Google

You know what’s strange: despite spending something like 11 years taking near daily English classes throughout my childhood I don’t remember anyone mentioning that English does in fact have words that have accents. It’s like some form of collective amnesia, some quirk of the language we all use everyday that nobody talks about. What are the rules for the vowels? Why are they there? Why some words and not others?

I don’t smoke, and do not understand why anyone would want to, but this seems like huge government over-reach in New Zealand. If an adult wants to spend their money damaging their lungs why shouldn’t they be able to? If it causes a high burden on socialised healthcare then tax the hell out of it, but there’s no need for the government to tell people what they can or can’t do

> The FBI Is Now Securing Networks Without Their Owners’ Permission
You know what, I’m not against this. For systems of national importance governments probably should be able to compel companies to fix their broken systems and failing that take the necessary action themselves.

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How I feel when I have to do something complex on an embedded system with no high-level languages installed

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