Population Growth trends in an easy to assimilate form. Watch the huge growths in Africa, Asia. Birth control is needed, we can't keep going like that and keep the Planet and people in good shape.

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Awesome interactive graphic showing future population growth ... watch Africa population explode while the develop world remains constant #…

@design_RG Population growth is exponentially increasing and Resources are exponentially decreasing. Saw a study by WHO where it was said that with current amount of Natural resources available, we will not be able to sustain humanity for 100 years.


Sounds like that is just a fancy way of saying the population will stop growing naturally once we dont have enough resources to sustain it :)



Yea the point where, on average, every family can afford just enough food to feed themselves and 2 kids :)


@freemo @shibaprasad Natural systems have population control, but a die off or wide spread destruction, conflicts for resources, water, fuels is not a good way to handle this problem.

Education and promoting birth control would work better, imo.

Obviously! That's the only way. To educate children and spread more awareness.

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