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TIL v_o and visual operators. Thank you. – :vim: purist

The real source of bloat is in the W3C specs and APIs.

You can build a soy-free gemini browser in a weekend. Building a modern, compliant web browser today is impossible.

I cope by avoiding anything chromium-based, but really we need a clean slate.

I wrote a README on getting an API token for a bot account right with curl. It's basically the mastodon docs guide without all the bloat, and I include shell commands so you don't have to make them yourself:
@kaia @rozenglass it "works" on mobile, though it's kinda hard to use with the scaling
we ported bloat to mobile a bit ago:

Absolute minimum? Have vi key bindings and modality. Be vi. Nothing else.

To expand on what @luke said implicitly, there exists digital "levers" at these sites which control - amongst other things - the probability of a post appearing on your timeline (although they might not describe these as such).

Since your timelines are not chronological (unlike the Fediverse), Twitter/Facebook can increase the probability and "nudge" a post to your timeline.

This also means that a company can lower the probability of a post appearing, unbeknownst to a poster or their followers. This is "shadowbanning".

Nudging and shadowbanning are two sides of the same coin. Coupled with the snowball effect, and with the metadata of every user, these mechanisms are extremely effective at changing the *perception* of public attitudes without suspicion towards the company.

Welcome to 👋🏼
Why don't you write an [#]introductions?

Welcome to the Fediverse (again), and

The beauty of #riscv to me, is the distillation of computing down to 47 basic mathematical functions, and opensourcing that into a foundation so it will always be available to everyone. Leonardo da Vinci said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

It will take time for the IT industry to adjust to a new #opensource world.

1. Pen and notepad. You dismiss others as stupid when they say this, but in my experience, it's the most effective. Pre-corona, I had to travel to uni on the tube/train/bus, and the notepad was better than any flimsy app.

Very easy to "sync" and keep track, and infinite battery. No need to rely on some big company for storage or authentication.

Technology should be there to help us, not absorb us. I say this as a person who codes. Avoid !

2. Have one source of truth. Whatever it is (your notepad, a single markdown file you sync across devices, your todos app, emails...), decide wisely and strictly treat it as such. Maybe look into .

Similarly, compartmentalise:


And learn vim if you haven't already!

📱 Instant messaging clients. Choose wisely what you use to communicate.

A visualization by @niboe under CC BY SA license.

Please share ❤️

What Are Capabilities?
Chip Morningstar
Habitat Chronicles

An comprehensive intro to theory with plenty of links.

Awk in 20 Minutes
Learn the invaluable UNIX-standard text processing utility and DSL

Here is a thread of music sketches that I made with #TidalCycles, originally to post on Instagram (hence the 1-minute long format) ⤵️

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