I should add garlic to more things. Damn tasty.

@trinsec Have you tried granulated garlic (different from garlic powder)? It's excellent :D

@johnabs Powder? Granulated? I just cut up a fresh clove of garlic?

@trinsec I use fresh garlic too, but for certain things like pomme puree ("mashed taters" where I'm from) I prefer the granulated version because it's not as astringent, but preserves most of its savory notes.

There's also black garlic and roasted garlic, both excellent additions to make a compound butter with other herbs and such :blob3c:

@johnabs @trinsec

Garlic is wonderful. It lets others around you enjoy the aroma, too.

Everyone should try garlic bread at least once in their life (unless they allergic to garlic). Even the vampires (toasted garlic might be safe for them to digest? LOL).

@skyblond Mjum, garlic bread. Although most of them taste a bit mediocre (not enough garlic!). ;)

@trinsec All garlic bread I bought is not enough garlic. I tried to make it at home and found out that, if I mixed the butter and chopped garlic, bake it a while (to release the garlic flavor into the butter, but don't fully melt the butter), then put it on sliced bread, baked again (to let the butter goes into the bread, with rich garlic taste). Then you will get a bread that is good enough to be "garlic bread", not mediocre "garlic flavored bread" XD

@skyblond My mom knows how to make a mean garlic bread, roasted in the oven and all that. I'll have to ask her someday for the precise recipe so I can try to do the same.

@trinsec The first time I tried to make garlic bread, I mixed the garlic into the dough (at that moment I was thinking that I mixed the garlic into the dough, it must be very garlic taste) and then wondering why those yeasts are not functioning 😂

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