Qoto drama 

Some thoughts on the qoto.org situation:

1. Many of the attacks on qoto are deliberately or accidentally misinformed. A look at the public timeline (qoto.org/public) shows that we are not the cesspool of Nazism that some would portray us as. @freemo is bringing screenshot receipts in his defense; I haven't seen them from attackers.

2. I have no idea how to deescalate this.

3. No matter how noble our intentions, their may come a point where we simply lose. It sounds like we've lost @Gargron and @FediThing@tech.lbt. Does anyone know @stux's opinion?

4. If the people I want to interact with are all on servers that have defederated with qoto, I will migrate.

5. I appreciate the value of hearing different points of view and the danger of being too quick to cancel someone based on a rumor. At the same time, there are toxic people and certain servers are full of them. Saying it's up to individual users to block things they don't want to see feels a bit privileged. Marginalized people may very reasonably just not want to run into constant microaggressions and expect their moderator to keep it out of their feeds. Trolls are *very* good at getting right up to the ban line and insisting, "I'm not touching you!"

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@peterdrake @freemo @Gargron @stux @QOTO @trinsec i have personally seen freemo raving on about how there was no shadows from smoke plumes on aerial photos of nazi death camps. baffles me that you insist on covering up for him after that

re: Qoto drama 


I think he was trying to be funny? I really cant tell anymore.

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re: Qoto drama 

If you can't really tell anymore, it wasn't really funny. ;)

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re: Qoto drama 


I am not sure there is a level of absurdity that exists anymore that would not be indistinguishable from the present nonsense.

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