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@hansw My college uses Moodle, but my faculty (Information Technology) developed a few small apps which are more tailored for our needs (material page, program testing, grades). Still garants of subjects can choose to use moodle.

Additionally, because of the pandemic, we started to use the Microsoft Teams app for remote class management.

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If you never watched the clip about Dr. Feynman explaining the nature of a "why" question please watch this. It is probably one of the most important things a critical thinker could ever know if they dont already:

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Since everyone is going around complaining about cops or rioters (and rightfully so) I thought I'd take an opportunity to offer actual solutions. These are the solutions I would impose to solve the problem.

Most of the solution centers around just one important problem that is the root of the whole issue. Police are above the law. They tend to get leniency for crimes due to be officer, especially when it is the result of carrying out their "duty" and even when there is an attempt to hold them accountable they cover up each others mistakes in various ways that get them out of it. This is where all the solutions lie.. so here they are:

1) eliminate all police unions, I'd say any government job that makes or enforces policy of any kind should not be allowed to unionize. Unions generally use theie collective bargaining power to wipe police officers with bad records clean and thus allow them to avoid getting in trouble.

2) Ensure the law has just as strict a consequence for an officer as it does a citizen and that them being an officer doesnt give them any greater latitude in that regard. If anything their consequences when on duty should be stricter. If they shoot someone because of a mistake because they thought they had a gun when they didnt, murder, no exceptions, no different than a citizen.

3) any officer on the scene when #2 happens and a officer breaks the law is expected to immediately stop the incident if they can and at a minimum arrest the officer immediately. If any officer fails to arrest another officer they will be consider an accomplice and equally as guilty as if they carried out the offense themselves

4) retroactively apply the #2 and #3 to all officers currently on the force to serve as an example. Give a 2 week grace period so any officers who would fall under the category of #3 have a chance to arrest their fellow officers who have in the past commited a crime under #2. After two weeks any officers guilty of #2 or #3 will be arrested with no forgiveness. Resigning from their position will not grant them immunity.

5) Require body cams, ensure the body cams can not be turned off

6) Any officer intentionally hiding their body cam during an incident will immediately loose their job and be fined one year back pay. If there is evidence of wrong doing they will be tried and this action held against them as evidence.

7) officers are always required to be in pairs or more.

8) Reverse broken-glass policying policies from the top down. Have officers focus on real crime as a priority and deprioritize non-violent crimes.

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Just gonna use this toot to spread this reminder to those who feel like they can't be involved in the BLM protests because of accessibility/mobility/health/immunocompromisation/fear of COVID, that there are more ways to contribute than just getting your feet on the ground out there:

Sign petitions:
Justice for George Floyd:
Justice for George Floyd 2:
Justice for Belly Mujinga:
Make Black British History Compulsory in Schools:
Justice for Shukri Abdi:
Justice for Elijah McCain:
Justice for Matthew Tucker:
Justice for Dion Johnson:

Share these things to Social Media. Make sure people can't get away with ignoring what's happening.

(US) National Bail Fund:
(UK) UK BLM Fund:
(UK) National Campaign for Fair and Accountable Policiing:

You cannot be anti-racist silently.
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@freemo Yeah It would be hard because most of their videos are in Slovak language. But there are plenty of american alt-righters that use this symbol a lot. Additionally I don't think it is an race symbol all the time. Context matters, but it is frequently used this way.

Yeah, sorry, I should say white supremacist. They have an agenda against Roma people in Slovakia.

Here for example my favourite punch bag: Richie Spencer. This is the actual founder of the alt-right

@freemo Yeah thats the problem as I said it was more ment for the Kino because I though he is from Czech.

Let's go from the other side. Why would the nationalists have an okay sign on the hat? That's the problem it was a joke (great one btw) until actual nazis started using it.

@freemo I think that stylization matters. The message is just for memes I would say.

@freemo It says 👌 Hail Bacon 👌 is an okay sign used by this folk, which directly supports far right groups in Slovakia.

@freemo Look at the hat this is just an example from more local usage I wanted to share with kino because I though he is from Czech Republic 😄

@kino @freemo Wait you are not from the Czech Republic? 😅 sorry

@kino @freemo Lidová Strana Naše Slovensko. Kotlebovci :D

@kino @freemo They are pretty famous even between non-nazi folks, because of their support for LSNS. It was not an attack on you sorry! 😄

@freemo I saw the wikipedia list and it is not for sure all the use cases of okay sign used in this context.It is used daily in this context all over the world. Most of the alt-right people that have some kind of internet influence are using these symbols. It has the same role as swastika or other symbols used in nazi germany. They are just modernizing it. @kino Btw do you know KulturBlog? They are nazi supporting channel from Slovakia. Look at the hat.

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Uncharacteristically political, uncharacteristically left-leaning 

I'm not explicitly *against* capitalism, but sometimes I just feel like...

"Everyone can make a living, so long as you're better than everyone else in your field"

And even then, you don't actually have to be great at your job. You have to be "ok" at your job, and be great at self-marketing.

@Lwasserman @lupyuen Yeah they are comparable when looking at their usecases. But rust is way better. Zero cost abstractions, compile time memory safety, good threading and concurrency support just to name few is just superiour in the Rust.

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And the optics on this are frankly TERRIBLE for the left.

This is what Middle America is now thinking:

"Oh, so NOW it's okay to congregate in large crowds? So there never was a COVID-19, was there? There never was a need to burn down the economy. All the right-wing conspiracy types were saying that public health experts' support for a lockdown would magically evaporate when it was politically convenient, and that seemed stupid. But well, looky here. Exactly that is happening."

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@freemo There is an even longer video somewhere with the full speech. There is no sign of a police warning in any shape or form. I think they just wanted to destabilize this gathering by taking the leader. Actually he didn't even attack the cops verbally and tried to have reasonable discussion.

@freemo This people were demonstrating peacefully. So taking them into custody has no justification. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant.

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