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I have to say I'm really surprised with how quickly my follower count and the user count exploded in just a little over 2 months.

When I first came to the fediverse the very first thing I did was start my own server (qoto) because I wanted a place where I could talk freely (free speech), without the facism of censorship. Honest sincere debate, something I felt was lacking from other nodes in the fediverse.

I never intended to draw a crowd, or even other members on my server. It was for me and for one friend, that's it. But somehow in the 2 - 3 months I've gained thousands of followers many of whom have come to join our family on QOTO.

What I dont get is how. What did I do that was so special that got me 3k followers in a few months. I have to think its more than just being a nice guy.

My guess: people, like me, crave a place they can be honest, where a difference of opinion is met with mature respectful debate, not censorship and hatred. I hope we have created that here!

Tell me what you think! I'd love to hear everyones opinion on what brought them over to QOTO or even why you decided to follow me.

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I think it's really disgusting that facebook owns the two largest messaging apps, taking whatever of my data they want from them.

I'd love to be able to use the open-source alternative telegram, but the issue is that literally no-one I know uses them and I don't want to force people to download an app to be able to talk with me.

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