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@suppi you're a Haskell wizard. Tell me, is there a way to dynamically patch any "object" or state in a Haskell program at runtime, dynamically? For example:

patch(state, {list: {[index]: {prop: value}}})

#Twitter has cornered the marking on political hot-taking. When you come to #Mastodon you find it's not so political and there are no (or very few) long-established, infamous hot-takers leading the charge.

With Twitter you can say the right things and fit in with an already established crowd and help to promote whatever politics you're into.

Mastodon doesn't have that, nor does it have the opposition saying all their shitty things for people to rally against.

FYI for newbies 

Twitter has algorithms to get you engaged. Mastodon does not. So in order to enjoy Mastodon you have to take some time to reach out and find content and follow folks that you enjoy. Don't expect Mastodon to send you random popular posts to keep you engaged, you have to curate your own feed. But this is good! It gives you control.


Well, hello there! I'm new to this instance, but not new to Mastodon. I migrated from, looking for a community more aligned with my interests (science, engineering, astronomy, gaming). I mainly author posts about astronomy and gaming, and comment/share posts about tech in general. Glad to join!

if ur new here:

-follow and unfollow liberally
-add shit (bio, pic, pronouns, stuff) to ur profile or people will not accept ur follow requests
-hashtags are neat, but please use #CamelCase so screen readers can read them
-use emojis and art via symbols minimally or behind a CW for screen readers
-use CW liberally for anything triggering or just bc its a long post
-caption ur images pls
-read your instances rules and report things that break them
-pls dont censor words with * bc filters

@QOTO @freemo, is it possible to contribute financially to this instance? I'm not in a position to give a ton (broke university student w a part-time job, lol), but instead of wasting money as usual on shit I won't use, I'd rather want to donate some here or help in some other way.

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After all this drama with Elon acquiring Twitter, I've seen some threads depicting how dramatic some fedi instances are, banning people for no valid reason - thus convincing people on Twitter not to move to Mastodon. For one, I'm happy our admins at @QOTO don't engage in any of that BS.

Hey mastodon friends, it's been a while! I've posted a bunch of articles and videos (new!) on my website since I last logged in 😊

Aim is to become so unique that I crash the simulation so when the programmer of the universe looks at the stack trace of the program, she finds me so interesting that it will be inclined to replicate my source code, thus, I shall pass on my essence to other simulation instances.

Hi @freemo, it seems that for some reason, doesn't like my IP address?

Are you aware of other members having similar issues, and if so, how might I fix it? It seems that I'm only able to connect to when using a VPN. So, either qoto is banning me, or my ISP decided to ban qoto. The weird thing is that my mobile carrier also seems not to allow me to go to either (different provider to home internet). Additionally, I could not join using my university wifi either.

UK politics 

@theDoctor @zpartacoos

Boris Johnson misled the British public prior to BREXIT, oversaw a BREXIT deal which is unworkable in Northern Ireland, mishandled the early stages of the pandemic, lied about parties at No. 10, and misled parliament (a resigning issue according to the ministerial code) on at least one occasion.

The irony ... I just wrote a toot about software being crappy and mastodon app (tusky) crashed

Hands down the most stressful week I've had in years. Pray for me fellas

Multiple vulns have been found in #swhkd, a #rust based hotkey daemon for Wayland. Again, this clearly shows (after log4j and Spring4Shell) that one can use a memory safe language and still implement a bunch of vulns.

Don't get me wrong, I like rust's concept, however, I am annoyed by the current trend and attitude that every software is secure as long as it's implement it in rust.

Even worse, when people start bashing other people coding in C and all them careless.

“[] echoes a long-standing interest by [] and others at , including new CEO , in a future version of Twitter that’s ‘’. A Twitter, if you will. […] Users will be able to configure their own , no centralized authority.”

Not Invented Here? Guys, we have the and already! (No need for BS for this.)

Honestly, I'm not too worried. Maybe Firefox has to die in order for a better org to rise. We can't just accept what Mozilla is doing because "they're the alternative".

@tilvids @thelinuxEXP @thelinuxexperiment

do i know anybody who has done an #embedded #rust project? could use another pair of eyes on mine

i got a bootloader onto my atsamd21-based custom board, got my blink-a-single-led with custom bsp code to compile

but when i load it onto the chip, from what i'm seeing in gdb, it seems like it's stuck in a loop somewhere in peripheral initialization (cortex-m/src/peripheral/ never even reaching my main function

frustrated 😕

Everything is bullshit. Life is meaningless. Hedonistic pleasures have consumed me. I now crave death so that I don't have to look at myself. I can't stand myself.

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