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"(Foxconn) Chinese engineers are flying to India to train the next generation of iPhone builders"

Let's boot Apache RTOS on the Star64 SBC (and VisionFive 2) ... And experiment with the Supervisor Binary Interface

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@AmpBenzScientist Isn't that the fun part of using TeX? 😂😂

I have to say, it was surprisingly easy to add to existing tex files with equations

The only reason I am 100% convinced the universe is a simulation and you are all NPCs is because there is no fucking way a species could be this fucking idiotic and self-destructive and still actually survived this long.

@lupyuen Wow, these small form factor boards are getting POWERFUL. Both this one and the NanoPC-T6 which the article mentions.

"When you send a Message using Sunbird or Nothing Chats, the data relating to your message ... are sent to the Sunbird’s Sentry (a debugging platform), which can then be viewed by authorised parties within the company"

I just discovered this awesome package to .

Someone is getting some snazzy lectures ready for next week...

KeepAlive: Open-source app "will send a custom message via SMS to one or more people if you haven't used your device in a given period of time"

"I’ve found to be very refreshing. The total lack of algorithm means I can very quickly have a quick read of what’s been shared since my last visit"

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