After qualifying as a I somehow ended up doing an MSc in and a PhD looking at communities followed by a job as a bioinformatician in human . So, it's fair to say my radiography skills are... rusty! However, in Jan I will be moving to a new job focussing on research where I will be able to put my rusty radiography skills back into practice!

One of the things I now need to work on is regaining my HCPC registration as a radiographer, which obviously lapsed whilst I was off playing with microbes! To do this I need to complete a portfolio of a few hundred hours worth of study and practical experience. I'm lucky enough to have access to Exeter uni's library and their medical imaging course material but I am also going to be searching out lots of online resources which will hopefully help me refresh my memory of all things medical imaging! As I find them I will share useful resources on here and as I continue to connect with people who have similar interests I hope they might be useful for others too! 😃

To start with, radiopaedia, a great general radiology site with lots of articles and case studies:

Hello Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who is involved in medical imaging research? I am currently a bioinformatician using RNA-seq data to investigate cellular ageing, but I'm also a qualified diagnostic radiographer and will soon be starting a postdoc in medical imaging. I am especially interested in utilising my quite diverse experience to bring together genetics and imaging to improve medical diagnostics. Would love to connect with anyone who is interested in this area of research or who works in medical imaging in general! 😀

I qualified as a radiographer but currently a bioinformaticion working in human genetics (have also worked in microbial genomics). Soon to be starting a postdoc in medical imaging. I live in Devon with my two kids and my dog. Interested in politics and all things science!

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