Another favourite, that feeling when you hate everything/everyone/your subject matter!

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The fact that Charles Darwin was the same as the rest of us when it came to having bad days has made me feel strangely better about life (and the paper I’m currently trying to write) 😆

Fabulous first week in my new job at which included a night away at an amazing research retreat; a really good opportunity to begin planning future collaborations for in

Whilst I’m hard at work, Folly is also taking her job as head of security very seriously, keeping a careful eye out the window and ensuring any passing dog walkers, delivery drivers or neighbours are properly scared away 🐶

Bit of light reading for a Sunday 🤔 Looking at various tools and methods for identifying cellular senescence in an attempt to save the lab team a lot of time carrying out manual cell counts 😬

As well as all things and I also absolutely love . I’m fascinated by their amazing intelligence and how they’ve been represented in and throughout history.

Took this photo back in the Summer whilst walking my dog through the lovely Littleham churchyard in Exmouth, .

Folly gets rather excited when someone is about to walk in the door, so excited she can almost fly!

this is my little rescue dog, Folly. She likes to help me work and sees herself as a future bioinformatician 🤔🐶

Happy to all the amazing radiographers out there! Such an important part of any hospital but their skills and the crucial role they play so often goes unrecognised!

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