Fabulous first week in my new job at which included a night away at an amazing research retreat; a really good opportunity to begin planning future collaborations for in

Hello Just wondering if there is anyone else out there who is involved in medical imaging research? I am currently a bioinformatician using RNA-seq data to investigate cellular ageing, but I'm also a qualified diagnostic radiographer and will soon be starting a postdoc in medical imaging. I am especially interested in utilising my quite diverse experience to bring together genetics and imaging to improve medical diagnostics. Would love to connect with anyone who is interested in this area of research or who works in medical imaging in general! 😀

Happy to all the amazing radiographers out there! Such an important part of any hospital but their skills and the crucial role they play so often goes unrecognised!

I qualified as a radiographer but currently a bioinformaticion working in human genetics (have also worked in microbial genomics). Soon to be starting a postdoc in medical imaging. I live in Devon with my two kids and my dog. Interested in politics and all things science!

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