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Hello all, I migrated from another instance, so allow me to reintroduce myself!

I'm Pavel, I do general bioinformatics and population genetics on highly migratory marine fishes (sharks, tunas). I write a lot of Julia and author PopGen.jl. Looking forward to connecting with you all 😁

#popgen #science #ecology #bioinformatics #MarineBiology

Another favourite, that feeling when you hate everything/everyone/your subject matter!

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The fact that Charles Darwin was the same as the rest of us when it came to having bad days has made me feel strangely better about life (and the paper I’m currently trying to write) 😆

Fabulous first week in my new job at which included a night away at an amazing research retreat; a really good opportunity to begin planning future collaborations for in

@Sue_AS aww love it!! They’re great dogs aren’t they?! 🐶🐶

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For the newest of #Newbies

Your #Posts, #Boosts and #Follows power the timeline here. YOU are the algorithm.

#Following is king
#Boosting is queen
#Likes are sweet
#FollowingBack is neighborly
#Hashtags get you noticed

Also, if you feel someone you follow is #Boosting to much and cluttering your timeline, simply click the three dots (top right) on their home page and tap #HideBoosts. Much nicer than unfollowing.

@PeterKRogan Hi Peter, nice to meet you! Thanks for the info that all looks really interesting, I’ll take a look 😃

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RT @PLOSBiology
As World Antimicrobial Awareness Week draws to a close, let's not lose momentum on tackling antimicrobial resistance. @npariente calls for collective action in our editorial.

#WAAW2022 #AMR #PLOSBiology


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@naturehawk all your photos are amazing!! Think this is my favourite though, so gorgeous!

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An incredible achievement by the planetary defense community! #2022WJ1 was a tiny asteroid on a collision course with Earth. But astronomers saw it coming, and NASA’s Scout impact hazard assessment system calculated where it would hit: jpl.nasa.gov/news/nasa-program #CNEOS #PDCO #NASA #Scout #PlanetaryDefense

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Something that I hope to spend more time on now that I've wrapped up my PhD is astrophotography.

This photo of the Milky Way was captured over the dark skies of the Ozarks in August 2020. Designated as an International Dark Sky Site, the glow of light pollution is still visible on the horizon, in this case the light dome from Little Rock and surrounding areas.

This photo is a stacked and tracked 30-image composite taken over 30 minutes.

#Photography #Astrophotography #Astrodon #MilkyWay

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If you’re a UK-based early career woman scientist who would benefit from £15k to accelerate your independent career, the L’Oréal For Women in Science award is for you!
More info here: forwomeninscience.com/challeng
Apply by 02/12. I’m happy to discuss your application and be your cheerleader. #WomenInSTEM

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Just migrated to mastodon from Twitter and looking for researchers to follow here to get started. I found some nice lists separated by field but haven't found any for natural language processing. Does anyone know of one?


@Romaq ha! She’s a cutie!! Folly is the same, makes lots of noise from the window but is actually pretty shy / terrified of everyone once outside! 🤔😆

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