What a bunch of beautiful people!! You all have been so helpful.

I like the book recommendations but I don't know if my ADD will let me go through them, but then again, no pain no gain right?

The code challenges route is something that I frankly never looked into. It's surprising how a nudge from some experienced devs pushes you down the right direction.

I don't get enough practice and this gamified approach to learning development may just be what I'm looking for.

Thankyou all for the love !!


@freemo I think there are undeserving candidates in every field of expertise. In fact, at least 80% of craftsmen in any specialisation are "not good".

The more demanding the area of expertise, the wider this ratio will be.

From what I believe, it's just the 1% that actually create 99% of whatever the trade is involved in.

Maybe it's the same for opensource? IDK

This is a very universal thing, in any field where the barriers of entry are low.

I know many truly horrible programmers that make a lot of money in India, simply by being able to assemble a team of mediocre developers and delivering a project. Maybe that comes under the class of managerial skill of whatever.

But as it is we don't reward people who are truly good, and hence there is less motivation to go around.

(that's just my opinion, I haven't seen the world much to know a lot about this)


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The response you got on the thread was indeed heartwarming and enjoyable. Well done, all.

Quick reply, just point at one quick thing on your reply above.

The ADD, and difficulty of concentrating. Trying to control that, distractions and improve concentration will be beneficial to all, and specially to a programmer aiming for a wider comprehension and finer work.

We all suffer from attention dilution, unfortunately (I have unnamed quantity of tabs open on my browser, hard to give up and close one or more in attempt to free some ram).

Focusing is important. Think of ways to reduce distractions.
@freemo @Raman @mngrif @jump_spider @rodolpho @shibaprasad @Gomario

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