WHO sounds the alarm: New COVID variant is most transmissible yet

So Federal, state, and local governments plan to address the situation by… continuing to do absofuckinglutely nothing at all.


#Covid #Covid19

Religious criticism #atheism 

@Omen I hear you. I tend to think that the failed epistemology of religious faith has metastasized throughout society here. In fairness though I think some of the magical / uncritical thinking in other parts of society (conspiracy theories, etc.) have a life of their own, so it's hard to tell if religion is a cause or a catalyst in any given situation.

@TheOldGuy@newsie.social Never were truer words spoken.

So energizing to see all this activity after just a few hours of launching the United Federation of Instances repo.


We already have 7 discussions going on and 2 merge requests for the proposal... The more people keep getting involved the more energy I have to put more into it. Cant wait to finish a draft of the bylaws.


Wow - this could be a huge public health win. Turns out light at ~200nm is safe for humans but inactivates viruses.


A few recommendations for life on Mastodon:

1) Follow anyone you think looks potentially interesting; you can always unfollow later, and they may lead you to new people via boosted posts.

2) Boost posts you think are worthy, so others can discover new content.

3) Don't obsess on replicating your Twitter follows on Mastodon; let it be its own experience, and grow it organically. Obvs follow anyone you miss from Twitter, but this isn't a 1:1 replacement; have fun, follow your instincts.

From Clarence Thomas to Brett Kavanaugh to Samuel Alito, the stench of corruption—or, at a minimum, serious ethical violations—is growing ever stronger around the Supreme Court. And John Roberts continues to do nothing about it. Will Congress act?thenation.com/article/politics

I'm impressed by a Google Maps feature I just used for the first time. Walking around Manhattan, and it complained that location accuracy was low. Usually that's followed by it instructions for calibrating the accelerometer, involving a complex pas-de-deux with your phone.

This time it just asked me to point the camera at... basically anything. It instantly recognized my position from a random view on a random street.

While clearly it knew my approximate location, so the search space isn't unlimited, there could be different cars going by, etc. etc., not to mention an arbitrary field of view. I'm impressed.

Anyone have any details on how this computation is done?

@brunoph Almost everything about the web is over-engineered like that.

@BahstanCubano Yeah and I would want something with a decent service organization behind it.

Can “social battery recharging” make its way into academic conference programmes already? Asking for a friend.

I'm actually envious of Elon Musk's children.

They're the only people who never have to hear from him!

@BahstanCubano Especially on Interstates and in medium to larger cities, there seems to be no shortage of fast charging stations. Often the ones at dealerships are free. I have a 2021 Ioniq (205 mile range on a good day in summer with the A/C off, lucky to get 140 miles in the dead of winter) but I only use it for local and regional travel. The newer models have better range. I am waiting for a non-Tesla small SUV / crossover with 350+ mile range with 4WD. Not quite there yet AFAIK. Certainly by end of decade, probably sooner. Then we wont have to keep the conventional Crosstrek in reserve for the occasional road trip or to lug e-bikes or kayaks.

Back in the 1960s, Robert Noyce recommended incentive pay for one of his top performers at Fairchild Semiconductor. A Fairchild director replied “isn’t the fact that we’re not going to fire them in the morning incentive enough?”

Noyce left soon after to start Intel

Not gonna lie - this is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I dare say it has the same game-changer potential that docker had. Only alpha, but already insanely useful.


Musk seems to think that he can solve the problems and conflicts of a forum that serves hundreds of millions of people from every corner of humanity by:

- cutting staff down to a lean team of more "hardcore" engineers

- firing everyone responsible for dealing with social, policy, and legal issues

- chasing away recognized experts and celebrities who've been providing free content

- making the place more welcoming to nazis

Sounds like a plan.

In regards to Elon Musk reinstating Donald Trump on twitter: I’ll just never understand being the richest man in the world and still wanting to be some fascist’s little bitch.

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