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"Shut out of online platforms, many sex workers went back to the street, where they’re at far greater risk of violence and exploitation."

"As it stands, Facebook messages are being used to criminalize people seeking abortion care. If Big Tech’s surveillance operation links up with your car, things could get a lot worse." @team

Some people suggest cryptocurrency as a solution to the financial discrimination of sex workers. Unfortunately, cryptocurrency is not immune from the financial discrimination that sex workers face. We need policy solutions, not tech solutions.

"There are places where it’s safe to be queer, or a drag queen or trans at any age, and there are places in this country where it’s not. I mean, they're still debating whether we deserve to exist in certain parts of our country."

Do you have a passion for making the world (and children) safer? Come volunteer for Prostasia. Sex workers & LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply:

Only a small percentage of mandatory child abuse reports reveal actual maltreatment, and BIPOC families are more likely to be reported and end up in the child welfare system. This webinar discusses alternatives.

"No one should have to hand over their driver’s license just to access free websites. That’s why @eff opposes mandated age verification laws, no matter how well intentioned they may be."

If you wouldn't want your neighbor watching how your kid uses the internet through their window, then you should oppose "child protection" bills that would give the government expanded surveillance powers. Surveillance is always creepy--including when the government does it.

"I think we've learned this kind of the hard way in the trafficking world — to go down the path of fearmongering and sensationalism is actually harmful."

"This bill would seriously threaten freedom of expression on the internet and online creators’ ability to monetize content while additionally subjecting the companies that own popular tech platforms to far more frivolity in potential litigation."

"The stigma associated with the word pedophile sensationalizes reporting and creates confusion, which makes it harder to protect children. Many child sex abusers are not pedophiles."

"One cannot be convicted of being a pedophile; pedophilia is an attraction, not an act, and it is not illegal. People are convicted of criminal acts of violence against children and child sexual abuse."

"“Sex workers, our clients, our friends, cab drivers, nannies; we are all implicated as being part of or related to the ‘sex trafficking industry’ now,” ESPLER observes in the report"

"The media and society, in general, often conflate the term pedophile and ‘child molester .’ For example, journalists sometimes refer to individuals as ‘convicted pedophiles.’ This terminology is wrong and confusing."

"It’s important to recognize that even if you are a pedophile, that does not mean you are doomed to harm anyone. It just means you have an atypical sexual attraction…An attraction only. It does not mean you will go on to sexually offend."

"Adult entertainment companies and mainstream social media networks do more to fight CSAM and other exploitative content on their platforms than religious organizations such as NCOSE."

"It is therefore not surprising that research finds little evidence to support Kennedy's assumption that publicly accessible registries protect potential victims."

"Bureaucratic sex creep is a term used to define the enlargement of bureaucratic regulation of an individual’s sexual conduct that is voluntary, non-harassing, nonviolent, and ultimately causes no harm to other individuals."

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