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Protecting children includes protecting them against bigotry

Sexuality is a broad concept that includes sexual orientation, gender, kinks, fetishes, paraphilias, and more. Sexuality does not refer to behaviors or codes of morality.

"Free Speech Coalition has shared a new report – “Financial Discrimination and the Adult Industry” – which found that an overwhelming majority of adult industry workers have lost a bank account or financial tool due to their source of income."

"This is the basic anatomy of a moral panic. Fear is powerful. Mass fear is nearly unstoppable. Even with truth, fear permeates and can overtake even the truest assessment of a societal issue."

This is another example of right wing extremists using pedophilia as an insult term to spark moral panic where none need exist. Acts like this hinder the prevention of sexual violence.

Washington's Senate is considering HB 1394, Creating a developmentally appropriate response to youth who commit sexual offenses. The law emphasizes rehabilitation and will spare youth from lifetime sex offense registration over minor offenses.

The Act and "are not likely to substantially improve online safety for children, yet all could have the unintended effect of exposing children to more harm while eroding all users’ online experience and raising constitutional concerns."

"the current right-wing “grooming” narrative is a multifaceted talking point to lodge viewpoints against LGBTQ marriage, gender identity studies being taught in public schools and the prevalence of queer art and literature in mainstream culture."

Prostasia Foundation is a child protection organization that combines its zero tolerance of child sexual abuse with its commitment to human and civil rights and sex positivity. In doing so, we aim to keep kids safe by upholding the rights and freedoms of all.

Supporting minor attracted people’s mental wellbeing helps protect children. By being understanding and accepting, we can help them to cope with their thoughts and feelings.

"Grooming can be a legitimate issue. But, when it is used simply as an insult to stoke moral panic, the real issues are drowned out by outrage. This prevents discussions on prevention and non-carceral mental and behavioral health interventions."

"Texas legislators not only want to make sure no one can start a discussion on these topics, they also want to make sure no one can find one. That creates glaring free-speech issues with this bill and, if passed, the consequences would be dire."

"Anti-porn activists want to get bills like these passed so there is a precedent to require device manufacturers and any applicable retailers to sell devices with filtering enabled at the point of purchase."

"Teachers and school administrators are called “groomers” because they may teach sexual education in class, per a state’s health curriculum."

"In the United States, the right wing has managed to associate social and political opposition to LGBTQ communities with sexual perversion by relying on the “grooming” insult."

Children are better protected from sexual harms when they receive basic sexual education. This Florida proposal is a step in the wrong direction.

“I wanted to do this show because I believe that raising awareness of minor-attracted persons can save children from abuse,” creator Eva-Maria Koskinen tells Variety.

"EDRi recently surveyed 8,000 teenagers in EU countries. A majority of the respondents already use encrypted apps like WhatsApp and Signal, and 80% are uncomfortable with government scanning, even for the purpose of preventing child abuse."

Drag bans, bans on gender-affirming care, and sex doll bans are all examples of laws branded as "for the children" that have nothing to do with protecting children at all.

Children have a right to say they don't want to be touched. Regardless of who's touching them and where. Full stop.

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