Just a little note about bots.

We just revived our old bots over at QOTO. You can find a list of the bots at the end of this post

One note: The arXiv bots are very noisy. As such we set them up to only go off once a day, in the middle of the night when the server usage is minimal. This should reduce any spam and not bury the posts of other users in the timeline.

@time - Toots the time every 15 minutes, unlisted so wont show int he home timeline unless you follow it.

@HN - Posts hacker news every 3 hours except when the server isn't active.

@arxiv_stats - Posts new arXiv papers on Statistics

@arxiv_bio - Posts new arXiv papers on Quantitative Biology

@arxiv_math - Posts new arXiv papers on Mathematics

@arxiv_eess - Posts new arXiv papers on Electrical Engineering & Systems Science

@arxiv_physics - Posts new arXiv papers on Physics

@arxiv_stats - Posts new arXiv papers on Statistics.

@starfleet - an auto-follow bot that follows people from around the fediverse in order to increase QOTO's federation.

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