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As Fico struggles for his survival, having been attacked by an armed aggressor, one might wonder how he would feel if some of his comments were played back to him?

Why did they take Fico to hospital, giving him help and support? Doesn't that just prolong the inevitable?

Why are they wasting medicines and resources on Fico?

Fico should have sat down and arranged peace negotiations with the shooter!

Fico could have given some of his organs to the shooter. Why does Fico need two kidneys? You can live with just one.

Treating Fico is an escalation - if Fico stays alive he could provoke his antagonists even more!

They should make Fico a buffer zone! Stay away from him!

All organs that were shot should now belong to the shooter. We need to sit down at the negotiating table!

Also, it is urgent to recognise the shooters rightful needs. Negotiate with him so he won't shoot anymore.

Accept the real situation as it is - don't remove the bullets!

Latvia detains two suspected Russian spies.

On May 13, the State Security Service of Latvia (VDD) detained two persons on suspicion of gathering intelligence for the purpose of passing it on to Russia.

Criminal cases against both culprits were initiated on May 2 under Article 85 of the Criminal Code (espionage).

It was noted that the perpetrators had been illegally collecting classified information regarding other persons suspected of espionage and taken into custody. One of the detainees is Sergei Sidorov, who was previously accused of spying for Russia.

On May 15, the court ruled to remand both suspects in custody pending the VDD’s further inquiry.

*As reported, the VDD stated that Russian intelligence intensified the campaign to recruit spies via the Telegram messenger.*

- Ukrinform

⏺ In a few months, Ukraine and Russia can go to negotiations and freeze the war according to the Korean scenario. The coming months may be decisive, — NYT refers to the mood in the Biden administration

💭🐵 The beginning of negotiations with Ukraine can be along the current front line, without the withdrawal of Russian troops, — Putin

💭🇨🇿 Czech President Petr Pavel, in an interview with Sky News, spoke in favor of ending hostilities in Ukraine and starting negotiations on a post-war system

💬 It is necessary to stop the war and start discussing the future post-war system

Pavel considers the idea that Kyiv will be able to return the territory occupied by the Russian Federation in the foreseeable future "naive". "We have to be realistic," he said

However, according to him, in order to achieve peace, it is not enough to simply accept the Kremlin's goals, because in this case "the whole of Ukraine will come under the control of the Russian Federation", and in Kyiv "a Moscow vassal will rule"

Trump leaned too hard on his lectern

Good morning Resisters. Today was supposed to be a low of 62, a high of 85 and sunny. Somehow it's 59⁰ and foggy. But good morning to you.

Zelenskyi’s evening speech

Today, throughout the day, there will be reports from our military and the Ministry of Defense. Constant attention - to the front, to all areas of hostilities. Kharkiv region - areas near the border, the city of Vovchansk - our protective actions continue. During this day, our Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine – all units involved – managed to partially stabilize the situation. The occupier who entered the Kharkiv region is destroyed by all means. Artillery, drones, our infantry work well enough. Thanks to everyone who is currently in positions.

Similarly, attention to all other areas. Especially Donetsk region – the Pokrovsky direction, as well as the Kupyansky direction in the Kharkiv region. We clearly see how the occupier is trying to distract our forces and make our combat work less concentrated. We react to it exactly as needed - we must have something to answer the enemy in every direction.

Our Ukrainian result, our strength depends on every soldier, every sergeant, every officer, who are directly in positions, in battle, at the front: the full execution of combat tasks in the existing conditions must disrupt Russian offensive plans.

Another angle of the Ukrainian strike at Tuapse, Russia 🇺🇦🦅💥

🇺🇦🦅 This was one of the largest attack by Ukrainian UAVs on targets on Russian territory and occupied Sevastopol during the entire war.

Targets reportedly struck include:

▪️Tuapse Oil Refinery.
▪️Sevastopol, power outages in the city.
▪️Novorossiysk, according to ASTRA, UAVs hit:
- NZT, fuel tanks;
- Importpischeprom, fuel tanks;
- Gazprom oil depot, Kirillovka;
- Transneft oil depot, Grushovaya Balka. 💥👏

The Crimean Wind also reported the UAVs in Novorossiysk successfully struck the fuel oil terminal.

I hope I have the right video

👀Zelensky signed a law allowing prisoners to be sent to the front in exchange for parole.

The document provides an opportunity to join the military service to those who have been sentenced to restrictions or deprivation of liberty with the exception of those convicted of particularly serious offenses.

4.5 thousand convicts agreed to leave prison for the front, the Ministry of Justice said.

According to Arakhamia’s estimates, in total about 15-20 thousand prisoners could be mobilized in Ukraine.

🇸🇰 Prime Minister of Slovakia Fico was operated on for the second time, his deputy reported.

It is known that Fico is conscious, but his condition remains serious.

The elected President of Slovakia, Peter Pelegrini, stated that Fico's condition remained "incredibly grave" and he was "on the brink of death" after the assassination attempt.

📌The Prime Minister of Slovakia was injured the day before yesterday in a shooting. The attacker has already been arrested and faces life imprisonment.

🔱 Operational information as of 8:30 p.m. 17/05/2024 regarding the Russian invasion.

❗️ The main summary:

🔵 Since the beginning of the day, the Russian occupiers have launched 15 missile and 70 air strikes against the Ukrainian defenders, 105 shellings have been carried out with rocket launchers, active offensive and assault actions of the occupiers continue in the Pokrovsky and Dnieper directions.

🔵 In the Kharkiv direction, our units are strengthening defenses in the border areas of Kharkiv region and conducting reconnaissance.

🔵 Six skirmishes took place in the Kupian direction.

🔵 In the Kramatorsk direction, the number of clashes with the occupier increased to 14.

🔵 In the Pokrovsky direction, the enemy continues to try to improve the tactical position - by this time, 25 combat clashes had already taken place. The hottest place is near Novooleksandrivka. Sokil and Nevelske were added to the previously mentioned settlements. The situation is under control.

🔵 There were three enemy attacks in the Vremivsk direction. The enemy was active today in the Staromayorsky area and in the direction of Chlefnoe - Rozdilnoe.

🔵 In the Dnieper direction, the enemy continued its attacks in the area of ​​the village of Krynky - the number of today's clashes here has increased to 12. Ukrainian units are firmly holding their positions. In addition, Russian terrorists launched a missile attack on Odessa.

Together we will win!✊
Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦

StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in social networks

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