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The SBU detained a traitor who "leaked" to the Russians the positions of the Air Defense Forces covering Kharkiv

Military counter-intelligence of the Security Service detained another FSB agent in the Kharkiv region. He was preparing a series of rocket-bomb attacks on the combat positions of the Defense Forces, which are protecting the region from a new offensive of the Russian Federation.

According to the available data, the main targets of the enemy were the bases of radar stations and anti-aircraft missile systems.

In order to destroy Ukrainian objects by fire, the agent tried to establish and transfer their coordinates to the Russian special service.

To fulfill this task, he traveled around the suburbs of the regional center, where he secretly recorded the places of possible deployment of units of the Armed Forces.

However, the Security Service prevented the implementation of the enemy's plans and detained the intruder in his own apartment.

At the same time, additional measures were taken to secure the positions of the Armed Forces.

Criminal tools were seized from the detainee.

According to the investigation, a 30-year-old resident of one of the villages of the Kharkiv district turned out to be an enemy accomplice.

At the end of 2023, he was recruited into the intelligence apparatus of the enemy's special service and received the task, in addition to transmitting data about air defense facilities, to mobilize into the ranks of the Armed Forces.

But military counter-intelligence officers prevented an enemy agent from entering a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the registration stage.

On the basis of the received evidence, the investigators of the Security Service informed the detainee of the suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (treason committed under martial law).

The perpetrator is in custody. He faces life imprisonment.

The special operation was conducted under the procedural guidance of the regional prosecutor's office.

Firearm safety 101: Never point a gun at someone regardless if it’s loaded or not.💯

Knowing the Russians: What is gun safety, comrade? 🤡🦷

*Video is of a set of Russian recruits and an African mercenary being taught how to use a rocket launcher.

*Sadly, it wasn’t loaded 😢

From our friend, the Analyst:


Robert Fico, the Pro-Russian Slovakian Prime Minister faced an assassination attempt this afternoon and has been placed in an extremely critical condition, he was hit multiple times.
So why does this matter? Why am I bothering with this event?
Fico is as corrupt as it gets. His primary aim on getting elected again after a term out of office, was to stop the multiple investigations into him and his party resulting from their last spell in government. That included the murder of journalists investigating them.
The Slovakian spy agency is riddled with his cronies and their agenda, so much so that neither  NATO or the EU forwards any intelligence briefings or classified information to the Slovaks at all. They simply can’t be trusted. The SIS (Slovak Information Service) is effectively run by Pavel Gaspar, whose appalling record you can search out for yourselves. The SIS is now so political it’s wrapped up mostly in using its resources to find kompromat on Fico’s enemies at home and undermine Slovakian democracy.
Now while we should all be saddened by an assassination attempt on a democratically elected leader, this one if he survives - and his successors if he doesn’t, will I guarantee you, jump on the bandwagon of clamping down on opposition politicians and use it to strengthen ‘security’ laws to hold on to power. They’ll unquestionably blame the opposition and extremists and ride this opportunity out as far as they can to bolster their own position.
It’s just about the worst thing that could have happened in Slovakia right now. It plays directly into the governments hands and  worsens the situation for any really democratic future in the country. Forget the sympathy messages and the outrage coming from the other leaders - they have to say what they say. What they’re really afraid of is what happens next. And they have every reason to be concerned.


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba held a briefing. Here are the main theses.

📍 A first-of-its-kind fund for defense enterprises will be created as part of the $2 billion aid.

📍 Money from the new package will also be used to purchase weapons in other countries.

📍 The US "pays special attention to Patriot and other air defense equipment" that Ukraine needs.

📍 Washington does not encourage strikes against Russia with American weapons, but "Ukraine must decide for itself what to do."

📍 Also, Ukraine itself will decide on negotiations with Russia. The US supports Ukrainian decisions, but sees that Putin is not in the mood for serious negotiations.

📍 The US and Ukraine may sign a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine in a few weeks.

This was sent to me by a friend in Ukraine. I always ask him to tell me the bad stuff as well as the good stuff which is going on. This story is the sad reality at this moment, at least in some areas.

If the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not receive reinforcements, the front will collapse. This was stated by a Ukrainian military man with the call sign “Ronin”

“If there are no reinforcements, the front will fall, because we simply will have no one to fight. Our battalion has weapons, but there is no one to shoot them,” said a mobilized military doctor in an interview with Mirror of the Week.

According to him, “in our brigade now a fifth of the company is fighting.”

“During the last six months, there were no replenishments at all. Before that, all the waves were more or less even. For the most part, they tried to row drug addicts, alcoholics, people from the village and the like. Whom you don’t really feel sorry for and who won’t pay off,” says the military man.

According to him, due to the need to quickly replenish units, basic military training was reduced from three to one month. The military man believes that this is a “conveyor belt without consolidating skills.” He considers the quality of replenishments to be low, which ultimately affects the retention of positions.

“Ronin” considers the lack of professionalism of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be the main reason for evading mobilization. According to him, “people are afraid of falling under the power of fools who will simply kill them.”

“Because many orders are frankly insane. In pursuit of crosses and arrows on the map, some commanders do not care about their people in principle... Why do you need a new mobilization if you don’t take care of the people who are there?” says the military man.

“If you are sent to some kind of landing and they say that there is no one there, then there is definitely someone there. Therefore, many of those who have been fighting for a long time and still want to survive in this war react to various kinds of threatening orders very simple: they agree, and they themselves sit in dugouts, realizing that the chances of fulfilling the order and staying alive are very slim,” says “Ronin”.

He cited a case where one of the commanders was stripped of his rank for refusing to send the 18 people he had left to an assault.

Due to the fact that commanders do not take care of people, many soldiers go AWOL. According to the military, good soldiers also do this. Among the reasons for refusing to fight is the transfer to attack aircraft of those who are not ready for this.

“Ronin” describes a situation in which an entire detachment left the front without permission and was sent to recapture positions lost by another unit. The military cited fatigue from previous battles and the fact that the brigade that previously held the position did not prepare them for defense.

Moreover, for the most part, no one is punished going AWOL, the military man reports, since then there will be no one to fight at all. Basically, AWOL is a “vacation at your own expense.” After persuasion from commanders, many who left returned to their units without consequences.

“Even after looking at the “terrible laws” that they passed, we realized that it only became easier to refuse to carry out an order. Because twice you can refuse. On the third you comply. Then you can go AWOL. And so on in a circle,” reports "Ronin".

He also believes that “russians are really growing, developing their army, working on mistakes and no longer allowing themselves to do what they did two years ago.” Therefore, “we cannot continue to say that we will win tomorrow.”

“We watched as everyone in the rear said that we were fighting with the “Ivanushka-fools,” and everyone at the front was disgusted to the point of nausea. Because if we are fighting with fools and cannot defeat them, then we ourselves are fools,” - says "Ronin".

Report of the Commander-in-Chief General Oleksandr Syrskyi regarding the situation at the northern frontline:

​​In connection with the complication of the situation in the east of Ukraine, I have been working for several days in a row in the units that are conducting combat operations in the Kharkiv region.

The enemy expanded the zone of active hostilities by almost 70 kilometers, thus trying to force us to use an additional number of brigades from the reserve.

The main efforts of the enemy were concentrated in the direction of Strelech - Lypka and on the captured Vovchansk, with further access to Bily Kolodyaz and the deployment of the offensive in the rear of our troops.

For this purpose, the enemy created and significantly strengthened the Sevier operational-tactical grouping of enemy troops, which included combat units of the 6th Army, 11th and 44th Army Corps.

The enemy launched an offensive well ahead of schedule when he noticed the overturning of our troops, however, he failed to break through our defenses.

However, we understand that there will be tough battles ahead and the enemy is preparing for it.

Under such circumstances, we must prevent the further advance of the enemy troops by steadily maintaining the occupied lines and positions, inflicting maximum losses on him with air strikes, missile systems, artillery and tank fire, and also create conditions for defeat by the actions of mobile assault groups and units with attacks to the flank and rear from different directions.

Of course, we must make the most of our advantage in attack UAVs in combination with the use of EW and accurate artillery fire.

My work was devoted to these issues, as well as to the regrouping of troops and the simplification of the system of comprehensive support.

I worked in all the brigades conducting combat operations in the Kharkiv region, was in one of the battalions defending Vovchansk, and made all the necessary decisions on the spot to ensure the stability and efficiency of the defense.

I went around and checked all the units that are preparing for defense in the Sumy direction.

I regularly report to the President of Ukraine on the situation and the progress of the specified tasks.

It is felt that the leadership of regional military administrations provides maximum assistance to commanders and commanders of units in solving all problematic issues.

Kharkiv residents and residents of the Kharkiv region are actively involved and help the Defense Forces in whatever way they can.

I thank each and every one of the Defense Forces, Kharkiv residents individually and all our citizens in general for their courage and resilience.

Let's defeat the enemy!
We believe and bring Victory closer together!
Glory to Ukraine!


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