I have finally found a use for 2 screens and a desire for a 3rd screen: Being a DM for . Virtual tabletop on the main screen, campaign text and references on the second screen, in front of Discord which I'd like on a third screen.

When working I rarely use the 2nd screen for some SSH htop or tail -f, or VNC; mostly it's just blank.

ethnicity estimate: Sweden & Denmark 80%, Indigenous Arctic 12%, England & Northwestern Europe 6%, Norway 2%.

Released free playtested single-session one-shot no-combat Dungeons & Dragons adventure: tinodidriksen.com/dnd-one-shot - A little old lady needs help with spring cleaning and feeding her cats.

CC-BY-SA. Map made with using assets from

By the gods below, sucks donkey. Sent a snap but didn't save it immediately? It's gone forever. No way of telling if it was actually sent or received. Not even a 24h grace period - it's like screaming into the void. I cannot grasp why anyone uses such a nihilistic app.

dr.dk/nyheder/politik/dfer-vae - Pushing for allowing on the basis of safety? The same Uber that is notorious for drivers assaulting clients, precisely because it is less regulated and doesn't have always-on GPS + cameras? Almost sounds like she is being "lobbied" by Uber.

Just learned, that #debian is going to the moon!


This is a group of rovers which will collaboratively and autonomously drive around on the moon. They're using Debian for all the dev machines and the rovers themselves.

My daughter's team at (Challenge) got 2nd place in all they tried and were nominated for, which means they advance to the national in two weeks. Here's 6 videos from the event: youtube.com/watch?v=HoHY4GXYSz

30 Minutes to :DBFH: 👋

desertbus.org & twitch.tv/desertbus

"Encrypted notification emails are going away on 5 December. This means that, soon, emails that you receive from Facebook will no longer be encrypted." - what the fuck? So is making 2FA worse and disabling encrypted communication. Do they WANT more compromised accounts?

ft.dk/udvalg/udvalgene/kef/kal - "Klima-, Energi- og Forsyningsudvalget inviterer til åben høring om . Høringen finder sted torsdag den 16. november 2023 kl. 13-16 i Landstingssalen på Christiansborg."

Finished after 172 hours. Single thorough playthrough, started on August 13th. A few hours lost to bad decision rollbacks, save scumming, and perfecting battles, but there is truly just so much to do. Great game. Hope there will be a definitive edition in a year.

of the pin 3 syndrome. A Exos X18 18TB would not power on when connected via SATA power, but would via molex-to-SATA. Seems my RM750x doesn't support SATA revision 3.3's "power disable" spec, so I had to mask out pins. Older Exos X18 16TB works fine.

dr.dk/nyheder/indland/al-data- - "det er lykkedes angriberne at lave en kryptering af alle serveres diske, samt på deres primære og sekundære backupsystem" - and this is why one of the backups should be pull-only and/or have rotated offline copies.

( imdb.com/title/tt1517268/ ) is fine. Definitely doesn't warrant all the hype. Has some fun moments, but is otherwise predictable. Doesn't really say anything new or in a novel way. Still, worth a watch. Rating 7/10.

For recharging and powering all our stuff, I brought a single outlet adapter (bought in US in 2008) plus a 5 socket power strip. It's been working great, as hotels don't have many available outlets, and this way we only need one.

This is what I look like all day every day here in . I am well aware I look like A , but it works. I don't get sunburnt, I don't get heat stroke, and the socks keep my feet from blistering too much.
Also, I am absolutely a "Tourist, Attraction". So many women have commented on my beard - even caught one taking a sneaky photo on the subway. And the kids are in awe of my height - I am a full head taller than the crowds.

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