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@heidykhlaaf It is confusing, and seems the CW etiquette is outlined (or not) by server. Mine says, "CW nudity, and spoilers."

Given that, I've seen reports of people getting DMs saying that they should CW their posts. My impulse is ... if you don't like that person's content, mute or block.

@heidykhlaaf non-BIPOC, coming from the bird site and new to Mastodon. Patricia had a really good thread about CWs (link). For me, I would prefer CWs for video / images of violence (group 1 in the thread, similar to practice on Twitter). Otherwise, I don't need them, particularly for wildlife photos. They seem like tags or email subject lines, except some use a CW that is blank. (???)

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I've actually been reluctant to post more on Mastodon since the controversy on PoC being blocked for not using CW when talking about their shared experience.

As a WoC from a disadvantaged background, I care deeply about socio-economical issues and it's something I've always tweeted about.

I'm curious to know how other BIPOC are dealing with this, or if non BIPOC folks are adamant about using CW liberally.

Birdsite, toxicity in academia 

It is interesting to me the different experiences people have; some have gotten lots of harassment on the Elephantsite, some really dislike the content on the birdsite and/or are harassed there.

My experience has been neutral, I guess. I didn't see what you did this weekend on the birdsite, have had an ok time with this site.

Interdisciplinary research's joys! /s

> ... after many decades, Ambartsumian said, "If an astronomer publishes an article with a mathematical content in a physics journal, then the most likely thing that will happen to it is oblivion."

Celosia at the farm, on top of a compost pile. The seeds must have come in with someone's garden clippings; there have been a few large celosia plants at that location for the last 2 summers. There's one bloom in this photo that has fasciation / cresting.

Plant-pumpkin II was starting to degrade, so I planted it in the flowerbed.

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There's a closed-form soln -- w/ SVD. This paper explores that w/in NNs.

An Analysis of SVD for Deep Rotation Estimation

@ducha_aiki \
Hmm, I thought about this paper,
"On the Continuity of Rotation Representations in Neural Networks"

sanity check in screenshot

Good morning / afternoon / evening from Sassy the Ayrshire. "hhhhaaayyyy"

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One of my favorite shots from the past few years - Red-Headed Woodpeckers (adult and juvenile), taken at Blackwater NWR, Maryland

#Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Birds #Birding #BirdPhotography #NaturePhotography

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It's been fun sharing my bird shots here on the extinct elephant site. Inspired me to go out and shoot today!

Getting a bird in flight is not easy, but nothing can ruin a shot quicker than part of the bird being out of frame. I don't usually cut it this close, but I was happy to get all of this tri-colored heron in the shot. Well, I may have part of a feather slightly out...

#BirdPhotography #WildlifePhotography

@cjmuise I try not to judge writing when I am reviewing, but if I can't follow the breadcrumbs then that hurts the paper.

On the 6 papers thing, last year CVPR said it may be 10 papers. I negotiated to 2 papers. This year I declined.

I've seen others w/similar or more time / review, and I think it is important to recognize this cost.

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Papers for #NeurIPS are starting to come out, lots of interesting content. The first one I've seen is on attempting to reverse-engineer the Stable Diffusion safety filter, which prevents you from seeing prompt results if you're using the HuggingFace Diffusers API.

I've definitely come across this before when prompting for keywords like "mermaid".

@cjmuise it was a tough paper to understand -- some notation issues and also it was hard to evaluate b/c it wasn't presented as in one field and there were some ambiguities.

That time is sort of typical though -- print off the paper, read it multiple times, look up stuff, write it up in a way that hopefully makes sense to the author and editor, fight with the submission system.

I schedule at least 8 hours for every review. So I decline a lot of reviews, with what I have going on at the moment.

>= 10 hours for a robotics conf. paper. I was late, and knew I would be late even after I had read over the paper and made notes before the deadline. Did I contact the AE? Yes, yes I did.

@ahdchild Ah ok.

I go to farms here locally -- sort of a hard thing to suggest, b/c you have to know someone, and then (I, at least) get permission to go even at my family's farm, b/c of hunting and other events. Have to watch out for: hunters (there w/ permission, or not -- so I wear blaze orange since bow season is in at the moment), sprays and re-entry intervals, and farm animals in the area. Some animals I can go in the field with, some not, and some, it depends if they have calves.

But, there's lots of wildlife in those little-to-big areas that aren't farmed within the farm -- woods, wetlands, the borders of fields.

This photo is from a neighbor's farm -- my father suggested the idea. It turns out he just wanted photos of Longhorns : )

@fjlm44 Organizing such events is a good idea; unfortunately I am not a good person to do so as I am maxed out with health issues and pandemic-ing at the moment. And I can't travel anyway! (b/c of the pandemic, and health issues)

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