an example of the plausible-sounding bullshit (about the Venpa rhyming scheme in ). this one’s not in the “abcb” scheme, there’s no “third” or “fourth” lines, and I think this is not even a Venpa:

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So just learnt that Cloudflare “email protection” is a thing (
Additionally, Cloudflare thinks Mastodon IDs are email addresses: so if you have Javascript disabled, you might find that instead of Mastodon IDs you only get to see [email.protected] everywhere. Thanks, Cloudflare, for going far and beyond your duties of serving pages given to you, for the sake of our “protection”!

This is the heatmap of podcasts I listen to. See how much white space there is? Please help me fill those - if you know of any English-language podcasts outside of the UK and the US, reply and let me know (Tamil-language also welcome).

I generally listen to deep long form conversations (like Sean Carroll’s Mindscape) or comedy podcasts (like Russell and Jon’s 6Music radio show), but I’m open to anything; I’ll give it a try if you say you like it.

(I want to diversify the places I consume media from, and this is a step towards that goal.)

Happy deepavali friends (and acquaintances, and other randos that hopefully will become acquaintances one day)! Let your worries burst apart like firecrackers, and joy bloom like a flowerpot.

@freemo How do we do multiline codeblocks on kramdown? On fenced codeblocks, linebreaks are supposed to be taken as they are (“Since everything between the delimiting lines is taken as is, the content of a fenced code block does also not support hard-wrapping.” -, but in practice newlines get stripped out there too. Am I doing something wrong?

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Many different interesting little details. My favourite is his theory on the difference between Yavanas and Milecchas (both old Tamil terms for foreigners): "Possibly, anyone whose language was known and could be understood were called Yavanas. People who could not understand or talk either in Greek or Tamil could have been called [Mileccha]." So Mileccha was like "barbarian" in the original Greek sense - people who spoke "bar bar bar" as in you couldn't understand them.

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