I’ve just joined @india group for -related posts.

Guppe groups are pretty simple - you follow the account @india to join the group. Then any time you wish to post to the group, just @ the same account, and the post will be shared with all the other members.


Many different interesting little details. My favourite is his theory on the difference between Yavanas and Milecchas (both old Tamil terms for foreigners): "Possibly, anyone whose language was known and could be understood were called Yavanas. People who could not understand or talk either in Greek or Tamil could have been called [Mileccha]." So Mileccha was like "barbarian" in the original Greek sense - people who spoke "bar bar bar" as in you couldn't understand them.

pandemic and pessimism 

While folks in the US are going insane over how bad the situation is, is slowly catching up in numbers without even much public awareness of how dire things are getting. People are worried about livelihood and starting to crave business-as-usual, but the country is not read for business-as-usual and it looks like we'll just end up losing both economically and in terms of lives.

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