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The Diya lamp is an Indian thing, we use it for rituals and festivals for example. The one shown in the emoji is an earthenware one, which are the “original”, but somewhat messy to take care of, especially if you don’t have a single fixed permanent location for them. There are many metal equivalents though, usually brass, that are easier to handle and clean.

As someone who uses a language with a phonetic alphabet, it is so weird that you can see a word in English written down and still have potentially no idea how it should be pronounced. Definitely one of my least favourite things about English.

actually, it's weirder than that. It's there if I reload the page and let it load, but if I scroll down while it's loading, the "A" shows up at a normal size and the issue doesn't occur. If I don't scroll down, I can see that the "A" that's rendered is actually larger in size, and that's why it messes with the bullet below it.

This is such a heisenbug it's probably not worth hunting down, especially if it doesn't happen on Chrome.

Just looked at the article page, looks pretty good. The contrast between the smallcaps first line and the tiny subsequent lines looks a bit messy, so the page should look even better once the fonts are fixed. Also, IMO there's a bit too much margin space, both on the left and the right (beyond the margin notes column). Just 10-20% more content would make the page feel less empty.

There's a weird rendering issue with the stylized first lines (in Firefox on Linux), the "A" plunging into the first bullet, pic attached. It's transient - it goes away if I zoom in or out, and doesn't come back even if I get back to the original zoom value. But it's there if I reload the page.

It looks clean and beautiful, the design itself gives a sense of clarity and reliability that works to counteract the vague distrust a lot of people feel just from a mention of cryptocurrency.

The logo is stark and simple, maybe too stark for the general public. (Also, I have a vague feeling I've seen a similar logo somewhere else - a documentation page, a mathematical site, a wiki, something like that. But I can't find which one.)

Like with your personal site, the fonts seem too small to me, the announcements almost look like footnotes.

Btw, the graph on the top left (pretty neat!) doesn't load if we have JS disabled, and instead there's just empty space. Perhaps a fallback static image for the noscript case there?

🔔 ☎️ 🔔 ☎️ 📞 hello qoto🎵 🎶 🎼 🎵 🎶 🎼

In Sean Carroll’s Mindscape podcast youtube.com/watch?v=0bMYtEKjHs
Full context starts at 01:22:32

it seems that you can never win with quantum computing, that is that when you branch out in all these different ways, the effort to corral things back together is at least as great as the gain that you get from things branching apart.
(at 01:26:15 in the YouTube video)

I was surprised to hear Stephen Wolfram say on a podcast that it likely won’t work. It’s not an opinion we hear very often, but falsifiable predictions like this are nice to have.

Every important thing becomes world changing eventually via accretion of progress (for eg. the quantum simulations QC enables would likely lead to some amazing tech), but on a relative scale I vote at the Important level

vulgar language 

Vacation photos of a model (who’s had drug problems in the past), two Instagram comments below it:

Have fun. Just take care of yourself first.

Great tits

Summary of social media really.

I spent some time last night improving the spaces and our room directory.

I've added several rooms from different fediverse associated instances to the :qoto.org space.

I have also added about half a dozen room servers related to other instances and servers to our room search. So should be easy for you to find most rooms anywhere in the federated universe.

Again: you can join this space (or the others in the linked post) from any matrix user on any server. If you dont have a user you are free to register one on QOTO at: element.qoto.org

QT: qoto.org/@freemo/1066050761199

🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
So I setup a list of maybe 30 highly active matrix rooms organized into Matrix Spaces on the QOTO Matrix server (though you can access them from an...

What a waste!
"According to a Malaysian news portal, The Star, a total of crypto mining machines worth $1.26 million were destroyed."

This is particularly warming to my heart after having read @pluralistic Cory Doctorow’s “The coming war on general computation” talk recently.

Matrix servers that have it enabled (including QOTO's matrix server) allow for ephimerial rooms. That is, you can set your messages in a room to automatically delete after a certain point in time. Anyone who is the admin/mod of a room can set it. That, combined with the end-to-end encryption and identity verification really makes this a win on privacy.

Please let me know if anyone needs help.

If you want to sign up or log in you can go to: element.qoto.org

Everyone is welcome to signup, you dont need to have a QOTO account. You can also login as a guest if you wish.


also, speaking of fonts, the font size used for the rest of the site seems too small IMO. And zooming in for some reason doesn't wrap the text automatically like in other sites, leads to the dreaded horizontal scroll bar instead (I'm too much of a CSS dunce to offer anything more than this "it no worky" comment though.)

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