The One Piece live action on Netflix has a Tamil dub, and it actually isn’t bad!

Usually in Tamil dubs, they seem to take out all the flavour of the dialogue, making it very basic. So I was expecting to be disappointed and move back to English when I changed the Audio language, but they surprised me!

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My daughter, who has had a degree in computer science for 25 years, posted this observation about ChatGPT on Facebook. It's the best description I've seen:

How is a meme post about ad blocking relevant to all the hashtags here? The “Mastodon rulebook” is to be considerate to others timelines and have empathy, I hope you find your way there at some point.

A lot of people are shy and socially anxious, especially people who use and follow these tags, and don’t speak out in cases like this. Using that as reason to spam them with irrelevant posts is inconsiderate.

hi, could you please avoid spamming the tags with posts like this? copy-pasting all the tags into posts indiscriminately clutters up our feeds and makes the tags less useful for everyone.

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I didn't think my little camera would capture the colors of these soap bubbles as well as it did. This photo is from an event hosted by the Friends of Olmsted-Beil House in honor of Frederick Law Olmsted's 201st birthday.

#Bubbles #Olmsted #Iridescent
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The amount of public space we have surrendered to cars!

An illustration by Swedish Artist; Karl Jilg

#Road #FootPath #PublicSpace #Car #Roads #Illustration

You may be interested in this: A cross-cultural study of animal fears.

As an Indian, I’ve always found the (excessive) fear of spiders a bit perplexing (I used to wonder if it was just an online meme). I certainly find caterpillars creepier and even fire ants scarier than spiders.

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"We've got eyes on you." Eyespots may mimic the eyes of their predators’ enemies, eg mimic dangerous snakes that might attack a hungry insect-eating bird. Birds, of course, mimic their predators- I’ve often been fooled into thinking I’m hearing a Crested Serpent Eagle when it’s actually a drongo having a bit of fun (or sounding the alarm).
This lot all hawk moths (Sphingidae)
see caterpillar-eyespots.blogspot.
#lepidoptera #caterpillars #moths #nature #biology

an example of the plausible-sounding bullshit (about the Venpa rhyming scheme in ). this one’s not in the “abcb” scheme, there’s no “third” or “fourth” lines, and I think this is not even a Venpa:

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is a great school-essay generator!

It always sounds confident and formal - regardless of whether its showing deep understanding and insight, or spouting plausible-sounding bullshit vaguely related to the question.

Exactly what students do!

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@Fanua Here, just 2 proposals created by DALL-E, the #AI at for the phrase " #JohnMastodon, the trumpeter of Mastodon". Scary, but cool 😉

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Proposal: How about if we stop talking about #ElonMusk and #Twitter on here? 😁

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What percent of published empirical papers in your field do you think are fraudulent (pick the closest number)?

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It's looking like AI, like generations of teenagers before it, has learned to BS its way through a five paragraph essay years before it's safe behind the wheel of a car.

Thank you. I’m hoping so too. Coming across the community is probably going to help a lot with that, I already have a bunch of bookmarks to helpful resources people have shared.


Adding a hashtag in that “Following hashtags” page is equivalent to clicking Follow on a hashtag’s results in other instances. This feature (the ability to follow hashtags) was added by @freemo independently before the mainline Mastodon had it, so has a different interface here.

That said, I do agree that having that convenient Follow button available here also would be great.

I seem to be coming closer and closer to realising there really is no “good enough” substitute to it. I started this wiki journey on hearing about org-mode, but thought maybe vimwiki would be good enough… then Joplin… then Logseq… It’s looking likely that org-mode really is the one true answer. I’ll give it a proper try sometime soon.

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