I want people to share with me any and all cool productivity tools you use for software development including brainstorming, diagraming, project management, and of course coding... Go!

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@freemo org-mode + org-roam basically allows me to have a file with code/latex/comments and export to PDF or website whilst being easily searchable in a linked manner that is visually appealing.

@freemo I usually use EMACS or Eclipse. They both have features that are very useful for different applications.

@freemo I use graphviz regularly to collaborate and communicate ideas expressed by graphs, e.g. dataflow diagrams and flow charts. In meetings I live edit and share a preview while keeping up with the flow of discussion. The DOT language is simple, efficient for data entry, and expressive. It is also plaintext and I can manage changes in source control.

Productivity but in terms of in between breaks... reasons why... 

Probably similar to your wordle at the moment.
Chess here helps to get out of my task, get beat / learn something and then hope back into commanding my own destiny as best as possible in similar battles.
So chess is but perhaps battle orientated which is often related to things you mention or what we are dealing with, though this was for the mindset and sudden change into something else to inversely comes back more focussed.


Productivity but in terms of in between breaks... reasons why... 

@freeschool I love chess but its just too much of a mental effort for me to play casually

Productivity but in terms of in between breaks... reasons why... 

This *might* mean you feel you are not good since often regular chess players can accept it's too deep and to play to find new ways etc (it's not about winning).
So as games go it cam be throw-away / time killer / not the deep kind of chess that many consider it - it's more like chopping a tree and knowing tree is not going to fall but serving it's purpose in the doing / practise...

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